Whitney Wolfe Helps Women Find Fulfillment and Actualization

This is the era where women rise up and take their spot. One of the ways that they are achieving this is through online dating. Whitney Wolfe and her Bumble app is setting the stage for women to create a life of their own where they can find something that fulfills them. Women get to choose whether they want to be involved with Bumble or the extensions, BFF and Bizz. These extensions give women the option of pursuing something that can increase their joy. The best thing about Bumble is that it gives women and men something that is efficient when it comes to dating.


While women do get to enjoy dating, they do understand that it is not the one thing that is going to fulfill them and actualize them. One thing women have over men is that it is easier for them to find a date than it is for men. Therefore, they do not have to work very hard for it. However, there are other things that women have to work for so that they will be able to live the type of life they want. One thing that women are fighting for are career opportunities.

Whitney Wolfe knows how career oriented women are. This is one of the reasons that she has made it a point to offer women something that is going to help them in business pursuits. Whitney Wolfe herself is a successful entrepreneur. She understands that it can be a little challenging for women to find something that can support their lives. Whitney Wolfe offers Bumble Bizz for all the career driven women and their goals. Women might find the opportunity to create the next Bumble. This is the perfect era for women to build businesses and careers so that they can support the type of life they want.

For More info: www.crunchbase.com/person/whitney-wolfe

Spring Time with Lime Crime

The birds are singing, flowers blooming, green grass, blue skies….that’s what Spring is about. Now is the perfect time to update your make up pallet with Lime Crime cruelty-free and vegan makeup.

Lime Crime cosmetics has something for everyone’s magic bag of makeup tricks. Observe your own personal style. Your make up is a reflection of your personality. Experiment with bold and dynamic colors as well as soft, subtle looks.

Spring 2018 is the right time to expand your make up pallet. Consider starting with an eye shadow pallet. This seasons hot color is purple! Lilac, lavender, bright vibrant purple is all of it’s variations are the focal point of eye color this year. Light lavender eye shadow for office or outdoors, bright and bold purple for evening and night wear.

A must have is eyeliner. Practice makes perfect for liquid eyeliner. Using eyeliner with a superfine tip helps give that sharp cat eye look without the smudge. Eye pencils are a little easier to maneuver, and add a more subtle look to your eye make up.

Highlighter shapes and defines your face. Highlighter comes in creams and powder to accentuate your cheek bones and define your best features. Best to use sparingly and add more color in the evening. You want to define your face so your best features pop.

Lip color is a must this spring. Lip color can be as subtle as a soft lip gloss or as bold as a dynamic heavy matte color. Define your day and your mood with your lipstick. Keep in step with your eye pallet. Heavy eye makeup pairs will with a strong colored lipstick for evening wear. Sheer color work so well for daytime wear.

No matter what the Spring day brings, bring out the best in you with our fabulous Lime Crime makeup collection. Your style is your own. Our products are available at many fine retailers or on line at Limecrime.com