Glenn Schlossberg Was Born For Fashion.

New York. New York.

To quote Sinatra, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. For fashion designer, Glenn Schlossberg nothing could be more true.

Born in the Big Apple, Schlossberg grew up designing fashion.

Both of his parents owned and ran their own dress shops while he was growing up. His mother continues to run a successful shop in Long Island.

Raised in a world of dress making, Glenn Schlossberg is the founder of one of the world’s most successful clothing production facilities.

Created by Schossberg and his wife, Jump Design group became a quick success. A million dollar contract and the attention of Montgomery Ward soon followed.

According to Schlossberg, it wasn’t just his keen sense for business that made Jump a success.

Only In New York

With more wealthy investors per capita in the world and a culture that embraces the new, New York is home to many opportunities for the savvy entrepreneur.

According to, for an up-and-coming fashion designer, these opportunities can be the difference in launching a successful line of products or ending up bankrupt. Face-to-face or on the phone, finding investors in New York isn’t always easy – but it’s more then possible for entrepreneurs. Especially one as savvy as Glenn Schlossberg.

Convincing elite high-dollar investors wasn’t the only thing New York helped him with. A vast array of networking possibility also gave him a helping hand.

Unlike other large tech hubs, New York social circles are rarely made up of people working in the same field. Schlossberg would regulatory find himself as the only fashion designer among his peers.

Being the first choice for businesses in need of his services, Schlossberg easily gained the capital and experience needed to attract high-end clients.

Priding themselves at being able to turn a design around in three weeks, Jump is a leading force in fashion design. To know more about Glenn visit

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