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Four Hot Celebrities To Watch in 2017


We all know many celebrities who have risen to fame quickly. There are certain types of celebrities who go on to have extreme success and are recognized by almost, if not, everyone.

My top two celebrity stars, who are both in the music business, are Selena Gomez and Nicki Minaj. Selena is a huge star at the young age of 24, and isn’t without her share of controversies like the Selena Gomez bathing suit pictures that came out a while back.

She started off as an actress and gained huge stardom with her hit show Wizards of Waverly Place. She then went on to pursue a career in music as a talented pop singer with many hits, including “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know”. Nicki Minaj is also another star who rose to fame at 24, with her first mixtape being released. Nicki is a game-changing artist who has elements of rap, pop, as well as alternative. One of her most popular songs is “Super Bass”.

Along with Nicki, and the ever famous Nicki Minaj butt that’s become a mainstay of her music videos, there are many other celebrities who have gained fame through rap careers. My top two rappers, who both are close friends with Nicki Minaj, are the rappers Drake and Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne, a talented individual who was signed to Cash Money records at the age of 9, has sold over 100 million copies worldwide through his career. My other top rapper, Drake, came to the rap stage through none other than Lil Wayne himself. Drake has collaborated with Lil Wayne dozens of times through their careers. One of their hit songs together that was legendary was “The Motto”.

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What Role did Adam Goldenberg Play in the Creation of TechStyle Fashion Group

Adam Goldenberg is notably on of the Co-CEOs of TechStyle Fashion Group, which changed its name from JustFab recently. Together with his business partner and friend, Don Ressler, they boast of a reputation for creating successful brands. Goldenberg is acknowledged for his effort in steering TechStyle into unicorn status. It joined $1 billion business league after raising $85 million from a round of funding, which was headed by Passport Special Opportunity Fund. This funding propelled the company’s aggregate funding to $300 million making it a unicorn.

Adam Goldenberg’s Early Life

Adam Goldenberg’s early years portray a teenage who was destined for greatness. This is because while at the age 15, Adam Goldenberg created his first company, Gamer’s Alliance. Intermix Media, the MySpace parent company, acquired Gamer’s Alliance just three years after its inception. This reason prompted Goldenberg to quit his high school life as well as travel across the nation to join the team at Intermix Media as the vice president of strategic planning.

It did not take long for Adam Goldenberg to be promoted to a higher position at Intermix due to his exemplary performance. For this reason, he became the youngest chief operating officer of a publicly traded entity. As if destiny had planned Adam’s meet up with Don Ressler, Intermix Media acquired Ressler’s Their friendship quickly grew into a business partnership that yielded the creation of Alena Media, as part of Intermix.

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The duo’s success with Alena Media was disrupted after News Corporation acquired Intermix Media in 2005. Fueled by the desire to excel in the online performance advertising field, Adam and Don moved away from Intermix to create another business together. Fortunately, they founded Intelligent Beauty in 2006 as a brand building business.

The Growth of Intelligent Beauty

After Don and Adam had created two brands, they came up with an idea to give customers a personalized shopping experience. Their endeavors to integrate cutting-edge fashion with social interaction bore fruit. JustFab became an online fashion subscription retailer that provided members with a selection of accessories, handbags, shoes and clothes customized to fit their taste at only $39.95.

TechStyle Fashion Group

JustFab is renowned for several brands including FabKids, Fabletics and FL2. However, this year, Adam Goldenberg appeared on CNBC in August 2016 to discuss the company’s decision to change its name to TechStyle Fashion Group. Under the new name, covers all the portfolio brands including JustFab, FabKids, Fabletics, FL2 and ShoeDazzle.

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Doe Deere’s Brand of Makeup Known as Lime Crime

In this day and age, a lot of people are tired of the boring monotony that comes with makeup brands. You go down the cosmetic aisle of any store and are met with dozens of different shades of pinks and reds. This is why Doe Deere created her own line of makeup known as Lime Crime. Lime Crime is known for its wild and amazing colors that you are not going to find anywhere else. This is why a lot of people are using the brand and are thrilled with the products that Doe Deere has created.

One of the most amazing things about Doe Deere is that she works to ensure that each and every single one of her products is made using vegan ingredients and is just what you need to feel confident in yourself. Once you make the decision to go with Doe Deere’s company, you will be able to try a myriad of different colors that are great for trying new looks. This is definitely an option for you and can be just what you need to feel confident in yourself. This is the time to change your mind and go with a brand that has great quality products.

One of the reasons Doe Deere has created this line is because of the fact that she was tired of trying all of the different colors in drugstores that were all basically the same. With her brand, Lime Crime, you will be able to find a number of different color palettes that complement your needs quite well. For example, you can find blue lipstick or glitter eye shadow that is made to look neon. These are products you will not soon forget and you will love using them all the time.

Now is the time to give Doe Deere’s brand a try for yourself just because of how beneficial it is and how many people love it for themselves. This is definitely an option for a lot of people and is just what you are looking for in terms of the type of makeup that you happen to be using on a daily basis. There are a lot of reasons to think about switching to Lime Crime and many people are doing this not only for the colors that are available, but also the fact that the products themselves are totally vegan for those who might be interested.


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Doe Deere: Who Is She Really?


The five Ws, who, what, where, when, and why can provide insight into any subject or any person. One of the most popular influences in today’s world, Doe Deere, is also one of the most frequently researched and thought about individuals, due to the fact that people cannot get enough of her bubbly personality and anything but lackluster appearance. Whether people contemplate what color her hair is this week or what she ate for dinner, the public simply wants to know more about Doe Deere. Of course, while it might be interesting to hear what Deere did last week, it is also important to establish the basics. So, who is Doe Deere, and why is she so amazing?

Fun Facts about Everybody’s Favorite Color Bomb; Ladies and Gentlemen, the Queen of Unicorns…

  • She was born in Moscow, Russia.
  • If you could not guess, her real name is not Doe Deere–it’s Xenia Vorotova. Yes, she has thought about legally changing her name since 2007!
  • She had a temporary tattoo business in Russia when she was thirteen.
  • She moved to the United States when she was eighteen to pursue a career in music.
  • Her husband’s name is Mark; he is her best friend as well as her ex-music partner.
  • SkySalt was her band and they released a CD entitled, “I Believe in Fairytales.”
  • In October 2008, she established her makeup brand, Lime Crime.
  • The company’s first products included brushes, glitter shadows, primers, and blushes.
  • Her Blogazine remains popular to this day, and Deere loves updating her fans on herself and what’s new for Lime Crime.
  • She has three cats whom she calls “her babies.”
  • Currently, Lime Crime has nearly three million followers on social media, and Deere regularly thanks those Unicorns and what they have done for the company and how amazing they are in their personal lives.
  • Take pictures of your makeup of the day–she loves them and encourages you to do so! Every social media page and the anchor website has a special place to upload your looks and to view the looks of other Unicorns across the globe.

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Doe Deere: The Radical Color Artist


Doe Deere, a business entrepreneur, definitely has accomplished her dreams through her expressive art with color and make-up. She has crushed goals, defeats, and has stayed loyal to her customers through it all. Doe Deere was actually born in Russia, but grew up in New York City. She has always loved playing around with paints and colors, and now has a very creative style in the make-up industry. She is the founder, and CEO, and owner of Lime Crime make-up. Lime Crime is a gifted and unique name for her company, being named after one of her favorite colors. Doe Deere launched her new Lime Crime business in 2008, after never being about to find any bright colors of make-up that matched her beautifully, bright, and vibrant clothing that she was selling on E-bay at the time. In 2009, a new lipstick was brought to the world of color. The lipstick was called “the unicorn” and was one of the first lipsticks to hit the make-up line, which provided radical-rich colors.

Doe Deere is definitely a business woman. She has inspired and supported other women entrepreneurs over the years. In her own business, she never misses an idea, creation, or meeting. She enjoys being productive and keeping in good contact with her staff. Her typical day may include meeting with her creative director, her president, and VIP. Doe Deere has been involved in this business from the beginning and believes that it takes everybody working together, being on the same page, in order to let inspiration begin with the world of color make-up trends.

Doe Deere plays an important role in all of her work with business and with her Lime Crime color line. Being the founder and CEO, she feels it is important to oversee all developments and products. She has influenced many women today, as she has never given up on her dreams. She is very patient and sometimes will wait for months before ideas will come to her. She wants to be able to live and feel the product, before reveling her creations to her customers. She is always listening to her customers, while creating the best brand of radical colors through her Lime Crime business. Today, Lime Crime stands for color revolution, breaking the rules a little, and just having fun by standing outside the black and white of our society.

The interview with Doe Deere can be found here:

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Fashion Forward Activewear

Athletic clothing is made to be comfortable and to make sure you get the range of motion you need for a good workout. With the gorgeous new styles available the gym is becoming a high fashion place to be. Many are choosing to wear their workout ensembles as everyday clothing. With both style and comfort it is difficult to go back to skinny jeans. In a recent article from Bustle author Kelly Dougher takes a look at the new athleisure trend and how to make it work for you. (Original article can be found here

Athleisure is a new trend on Instagram that is incorporating the comfort of activewear and making it work for everyday scenarios. Dougher, like many others, had a constantly changing fashion sense. When she discovered on this new trend she knew immediately that she had found what she was looking for. She was able to find pieces that worked not just for the gym but for running errands and even a night out. Helping with this new venture into fashion is Fabletics on facebook, a clothing company dedicated to stylish clothing for active people everywhere.

Fabletics is introducing their own line of athleisure to their adoring public. Co-Founder Kate Hudson knows the importance of and active lifestyle and is using her company to make fitness more appealing. Now with the help of athleisure you no longer have to worry about going out during the day having to change before the gym. Now you can look great and be comfortable in addition to being able to go right from the supermarket to your workout. Fabletics is a company that was founded with the idea of an active lifestyle in mind. Now with the addition of athleisure it seems they are bringing their fashion forward thinking to an even larger group of people.

It is clear that people everywhere are in love with the comfort and versatility of activewear. Now thanks to Fabletics there are many other options other than leggings and sneakers. Staying active is a good idea for anyone, and thankfully you can look great doing it now more than ever.

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Doe Deere, the Inspiring Business Woman and Cosmetic Line Creator

Doe Deere was born in Russia but her parents moved to New York City when she was still young and raised her there. She is known to many as the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics and the current acting Chief Executive Officer. Lime Crime Cosmetics is known for its vibrant colors and was actually based on Doe’s favorite color which is Lime or bright green. The use of cosmetics to conceal imperfections is just the start and Doe Deere is out to show others that it is also more about self expression and freedom.

Her mission with the cosmetics line was to provide fans with vibrant colors as well as making the cosmetics cruelty free. So no animal testing of any sort. The company now makes a huge range of lipsticks, nail polishes and eye shadows. With the main focus on being as bright and ridiculous as possible. Having started her own business she is a huge supporter of women owned business and entrepreneurship. Outside of her current work she also speaks at public events like Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour and PHAMExpo. Her talks are about following your ambition and finding your own voice to inspire women around the world.

Doe Deere’s life at the moment is extremely busy with many meetings within her business to keep everyone thinking and working together on a common goal. She rarely has time to sit down at her desk and responds to most of her emails via her mobile phone. All of the ideas that she comes up with Doe likes to try on herself to ensure the product feels right before going into production.

Doe Deere in a recent interview stated that its not sinful to break fashion rules. Just because you go against one trend does not make you a fashion recluse. She has provided us with some of her favorite fashion and beauty rules to break but still remain as stylish and up to date as possible. Number one is not to wear both bold lip and eye makeup together, focus on one bold thing at a time. Second thing to do is not to mix too many colors in one go. Third do not mix too many different patterns into one look. Fourth when wearing open toed shoes do not wear socks with them. Fifth if you have unnaturally colored hair you can only wear neutral colors or black to go with it. Sixth, you have to dress age appropriately and seventh rule one must stick to occasion specific dressing. These are the rules that you want to break if Doe Deere is your true fashion inspiration.

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Men Wearing Cosmetics: No Need To Explain

A man wearing make-up is gaining popularity and it is not just to improve their looks for a special occasion. Many men wear a number of products like tinted moisturizer, concealer and eyeliner (sometimes referred to as guy-liner) and lipstick.

Women are not alone in concealing facial skin imperfections. Men also are becoming concerned with their appearance and appreciate items like tinted moisturizer or foundation as it protects skin from the sun and pollutants but it also offers a nice color to the face. Lip balm or lip gloss also protects against extreme weather conditions and the harmful sun and just as women enjoy this protection, men are also realizing its benefits. But today men do not have to wear lipstick simply for shielding dangers but it is not unusual for men to wear color lipstick, usually close to their natural shade. For a night out on the town, hanging out with friends or clubbing, many men opt for extreme color. When this urge strikes, view some colors from Lime Crime’s selection of Carousel Gloss and check out shades like Hollygram (emerald with glitter) or Present (rich berry with magenta glitter). Lime Crime cosmetics work for both men and women and every item is made cruelty free and vegan.

When it comes to eye makeup, some men can even transform it into a fashion accessory, coordinating it with ties, handkerchiefs, shirts, hats or whatever. Since the 1970’s and 1980’s when singers David Bowie, Boy George and the band Kiss showed faces with lots of makeup, they seemed to influence men’s looks and state that it is okay for a man to wear makeup and today many men are returning to using eye makeup not only to have more confidence but to express themselves or make a statement.

For an amusing look (great for clubbing), try Lime Crime’s various shades of liquid eyeliner like its Quill or Orchidaceous but gently apply it with a light coat. Place Quill to draw a thin line under lower lashes and apply a bit of black mascara to lashes. If you have pale skin, try a shade like Reason (bluish-gray) or for a unique look to emphasize eyes try this eyeliner in Citreuse (a light neon-lime green).

Once you become comfortable you can experiment with different colors and definitely try them from Lime Crime developed by Doe Deere. Geared for individuals who wish to live their life without apologizing, business and technology executive Deere intended to establish a cosmetic line in 2008 (Lime Crime) that would allow individuals to express themselves and their own style. Beginning with less than one thousand dollars, she obtained success on her own positions. The company has gravitated towards success and the products (including Doe Deere) have accumulated an army of fans of every age.