Dabie Tsai on the Future of Accounting

Accounting is a subject that few people enjoy learning about. However, learning about accounting is one of the best ways for students to understand business. Dabie Tsai is an accounting expert and business executive. She firmly believes that the accounting industry will drastically change in the coming years.


At one time, earning a degree in accounting was almost a guarantee to land a new job. However, Tsai believes that the number of accounting jobs will diminish in the future. She thinks that new technology will make accounting much more manageable. Although this is good news for business owners, it is not good for people who have a career in the industry (Linkedin).

She recommends that young people focus on ways to improve their skills. Simply earning an accounting degree is no longer a guarantee for a good career. Instead, Dabie Tsai thinks students should specialize in specific areas of the industry. For example, forensic accounting is a growing sector. Anyone with specialized skills will be able to earn a substantial income.


Dabie Tsai believes that automation will drastically change multiple industries. Workers must be able to adapt to the drastic changes that will take place. Instead of waiting for the changes to occur, now is the time to start preparing. There are already examples of office jobs getting removed due to automation. The vast majority of companies, for example, currently utilize robots for customer service positions.

Learn more about Dabie Tsai´s career at https://thenewsversion.com/2018/11/dabie-tsai/

Timothy Duncan and Talos Energy Inc. of Houston Texas

Timothy Duncan takes Talos Energy Inc. of Houston Texas to the next level. The founder and president of Talos named Tim Duncan. Tim built Talos into a multi-million dollar company. He co-founded Talos Energy in the year 2012 and the company continues to prosper under his experienced guidance.

The company explores the Gulf of Mexico for petroleum deposits then it drills, extracts then transports the petroleum from deep underground. That is not all he and his company are about. Tim Duncan studies and tracks the progress and profits of other companies with similar interests. Tim looks for oil companies drilling in the same areas as Talos Energy Inc. of Houston Texas. When he finds a company producing assets and financial capital he acts.

If the assets and production of oil are in the same areas as Talos Energy. We are speaking of the Gulf of Mexico. So Timothy Duncan and his company Talos Energy Inc. has done it yet again. He has increased the value of his company by buying the energy company Whistler Energy ll, LLC in August of this year. Whistler’s production rate per day was 1,900 barrels of oil.

The company held contracts secured in the amounts equivalent to $77 million collateral. Whistlers asking price was $52 million dollars. However, Tim Duncan is the experienced oil and gas businessman. He makes sure Talos Energy Inc. came out on top. Therefore, Talos Energy’s payout on the contracts totaled $31 million dollars. Talos Energy Inc. of Houston Texas received $7 million more Whistler held in cash assets.

When the sale was completed Whistler Energy received $100 million dollars in cash. Talos paid an out of the pocket minimum of $14 million dollars for the purchase of the company. Whistler also had established productive wells and acreage in the Gulf of Mexico that now belong to Talos Energy Inc.

Timothy Duncan and the staff of Talos Energy Inc. Houston Texas will continue to strive for excellence. It is Mr. Duncan’s goal to further expand the companies wealth and assets. Continuing to bring forth the vital petroleum from the inner earth for the continued survival of the energy of the world.

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Four Hot Celebrities To Watch in 2017


We all know many celebrities who have risen to fame quickly. There are certain types of celebrities who go on to have extreme success and are recognized by almost, if not, everyone.

My top two celebrity stars, who are both in the music business, are Selena Gomez and Nicki Minaj. Selena is a huge star at the young age of 24, and isn’t without her share of controversies like the Selena Gomez bathing suit pictures that came out a while back.

She started off as an actress and gained huge stardom with her hit show Wizards of Waverly Place. She then went on to pursue a career in music as a talented pop singer with many hits, including “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know”. Nicki Minaj is also another star who rose to fame at 24, with her first mixtape being released. Nicki is a game-changing artist who has elements of rap, pop, as well as alternative. One of her most popular songs is “Super Bass”.

Along with Nicki, and the ever famous Nicki Minaj butt that’s become a mainstay of her music videos, there are many other celebrities who have gained fame through rap careers. My top two rappers, who both are close friends with Nicki Minaj, are the rappers Drake and Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne, a talented individual who was signed to Cash Money records at the age of 9, has sold over 100 million copies worldwide through his career. My other top rapper, Drake, came to the rap stage through none other than Lil Wayne himself. Drake has collaborated with Lil Wayne dozens of times through their careers. One of their hit songs together that was legendary was “The Motto”.

Doe Deere: The Radical Color Artist

Doe Deere, a business entrepreneur, definitely has accomplished her dreams through her expressive art with color and make-up. She has crushed goals, defeats, and has stayed loyal to her customers through it all. Doe Deere was actually born in Russia, but grew up in New York City. She has always loved playing around with paints and colors, and now has a very creative style in the make-up industry. She is the founder, and CEO, and owner of Lime Crime make-up. Lime Crime is a gifted and unique name for her company, being named after one of her favorite colors. Doe Deere launched her new Lime Crime business in 2008, after never being about to find any bright colors of make-up that matched her beautifully, bright, and vibrant clothing that she was selling on E-bay at the time. In 2009, a new lipstick was brought to the world of color. The lipstick was called “the unicorn” and was one of the first lipsticks to hit the make-up line, which provided radical-rich colors.

Doe Deere is definitely a business woman. She has inspired and supported other women entrepreneurs over the years. In her own business, she never misses an idea, creation, or meeting. She enjoys being productive and keeping in good contact with her staff. Her typical day may include meeting with her creative director, her president, and VIP. Doe Deere has been involved in this business from the beginning and believes that it takes everybody working together, being on the same page, in order to let inspiration begin with the world of color make-up trends.

Doe Deere plays an important role in all of her work with business and with her Lime Crime color line. Being the founder and CEO, she feels it is important to oversee all developments and products. She has influenced many women today, as she has never given up on her dreams. She is very patient and sometimes will wait for months before ideas will come to her. She wants to be able to live and feel the product, before reveling her creations to her customers. She is always listening to her customers, while creating the best brand of radical colors through her Lime Crime business. Today, Lime Crime stands for color revolution, breaking the rules a little, and just having fun by standing outside the black and white of our society.

The interview with Doe Deere can be found here: http://guestofaguest.com/los-angeles/interview/interview-lime-crimes-doe-deere-on-how-to-make-your-dreams-come-true&slide=8

Doe Deere, the Inspiring Business Woman and Cosmetic Line Creator

Doe Deere was born in Russia but her parents moved to New York City when she was still young and raised her there. She is known to many as the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics and the current acting Chief Executive Officer. Lime Crime Cosmetics is known for its vibrant colors and was actually based on Doe’s favorite color which is Lime or bright green. The use of cosmetics to conceal imperfections is just the start and Doe Deere is out to show others that it is also more about self expression and freedom.

Her mission with the cosmetics line was to provide fans with vibrant colors as well as making the cosmetics cruelty free. So no animal testing of any sort. The company now makes a huge range of lipsticks, nail polishes and eye shadows. With the main focus on being as bright and ridiculous as possible. Having started her own business she is a huge supporter of women owned business and entrepreneurship. Outside of her current work she also speaks at public events like Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour and PHAMExpo. Her talks are about following your ambition and finding your own voice to inspire women around the world.

Doe Deere’s life at the moment is extremely busy with many meetings within her business to keep everyone thinking and working together on a common goal. She rarely has time to sit down at her desk and responds to most of her emails via her mobile phone. All of the ideas that she comes up with Doe likes to try on herself to ensure the product feels right before going into production.

Doe Deere in a recent interview stated that its not sinful to break fashion rules. Just because you go against one trend does not make you a fashion recluse. She has provided us with some of her favorite fashion and beauty rules to break but still remain as stylish and up to date as possible. Number one is not to wear both bold lip and eye makeup together, focus on one bold thing at a time. Second thing to do is not to mix too many colors in one go. Third do not mix too many different patterns into one look. Fourth when wearing open toed shoes do not wear socks with them. Fifth if you have unnaturally colored hair you can only wear neutral colors or black to go with it. Sixth, you have to dress age appropriately and seventh rule one must stick to occasion specific dressing. These are the rules that you want to break if Doe Deere is your true fashion inspiration.

Helane Morrison contributions in the corporate world

Helane Morrison is a popular and successful lawyer. For some years now, she has held the position of managing Director at the Securities and Exchange Commission based in San Francisco. She is very optimistic that she will be able to perform her duties well while holding the position of Office Administrator in the same office. Her promotion was announced just recently by the organization’s chairman, Mr. Arthur Levitt. She will actually be the first woman to work in the position of district chief.

During the time she worked with SEC, Helane says that she has always made a good team with her fellow workmates in order to strengthen their presence and also make a good impact in the organization. Now working as the person in charge of the office, she has to ensure that the office momentum keeps going.
Helane Morrison is 46 years old, and she will be managing the enforcement and the examination activities in the San Francisco office and its jurisdictions. Some of the places under her include northern California, Washington, Montana, Oregon, Alaska and northern Nevada.
Helane Morrison succeeded David Bayless, the person who was in her position for over 5years. He had resigned from his job to become a partner in the Morrison and Foerster Law Company based in San Francisco.
Morris joined SEC in 1996, and since then, she has managed to supervise major investigations. Three of these investigation resulted to the enforcement action on republic securities of New York, The Dean Witter and auditions performed on California Micro Devises.In the market today, there are very many compliance officers. However, very few can match the compliance standards set by Helane Morrison. They lack the knowledge and skills she displays in her work, hence failing terribly in their work. According to the CEO of Sterling Management, fraud and scandals happening in the corporates cannot end.

According to a report by Sterling Management, compliance officers should have enough power, knowledge and expertise to detect and put an end to any fraud or scandal before it blows out of proportion. Morrison has been able to perform very well in the male dominated office because she has all it takes. Most compliance officers are too busy in other activities, and this makes them forget their important duties. They are also not well paid, and sometimes, they have to cheat in order to get good bonuses.

Check out Helane’s LinkedIn and Crunchbase profiles to learn more about her life and career.

Susan McGalla Shares Tips For Budding Female Leaders

Susan McGalla is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based American businesswoman and executive consultant who has made a name for herself by working with companies like Wet Seal and American Outfitters. When she became the leader of these companies, they were male dominated but over the years, she changed those figures. This is why Susan McGalla is hailed as an example for what businesswomen can achieve and she is a great role model for budding female leaders who are hoping to make a difference in the world.

So what can female leaders do to achieve success? Is it different from what male leaders do? Susan McGalla clarifies these points with some tips

Mentorship Is Important – No budding leader can go far without having a mentor or role model to help her reach her highest potential. When you are a female leader, you have to have someone like Susan McGalla or a successful person you know who would help you push past the boundaries of restriction. Mentors can also be in the form of support groups that motivate every member and achieve great results.

Remain Positive – Remaining positive in the face of adversities is important. Feminism might be a household word these days but majority of the population is still sexist. Sexism in the corporate environment is also a common phenomenon. Female leaders need to create awareness and education which would take a lot of efforts. However, people would try to bring you down in the meantime. Thus, Susan McGalla says that budding leaders or women who are just getting started on the path of leadership should stay positive.

Set Different Kinds Of Goals – A female leader needs to set various sets of goals, advises Susan McGalla. The first set of goals should be for the short term functioning of the company and the others should be long term in nature. There can also be medium term goals for objectives that should be achieved but don’t have any resource allocation yet. Another set of goals that isn’t talked about is personal goals of the female leader – what she wants to achieve in her life and what makes her happy.

Value Collaboration – Susan McGalla advises female leaders to always value collaboration and place it above competition. Some healthy competition never hurt anyone but success is achieved on a large scale with collaboration.

Finally, Susan McGalla also adds that women should keep their friends and family close. They should take time off work to pursue their hobbies and do everything that makes them calm. This would help them become better at their jobs and soon, they would become role models for women of their generation like Susan McGalla.