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Equities First US Should Be Your Primary Choice of Lending Solutions

Equities First Holdings offers an opportunity of lending that someone may not necessarily be able to obtain for somewhere else. By applying for the loan that is offered by Equities First Holdings, you may come to find out that their terms are some of the best that are offered in the market.

There are a myriad of things that someone may be wanting to obtain a loan could use it for. Among some of such things are: paying off mortgage on a home, making vehicle payments, donating to a favorite charity of theirs, to pay bills, to start a business, to pay for schooling, or anything else that may be considered to be things that support them in every day life. It is important to know that it’s highly recommended that the borrower obtain loan from an organization that they can depend on. Such forms of dependence should be based upon whether the organization has been rated or reviewed well by people who have borrowed from them in the past. If you happen to be someone who could utilize a loan, please don’t hesitate to ask one of the customer service representatives what Equities First Holdings can do for you. It is highly likely that they will offer you loan terms that are quite unbeatable.

There are many high net-worth individuals who have had difficulty in obtaining loans, whether it be due to the lending institution not having enough capital to provide for them, or such an institution not thinking that they need it is completely dependent on the lenders’ reasons. However, it’s important to know that high net-worth individuals have financial goals too, regardless of having enough capital to begin with. Equities First Holdings exists to provide them with opportunities of obtaining loans that they may be wanting to fund whatever that they’re planning on funding.

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George Soros Believes Global Markets Are Headed For a Crises


Billionaire investor George Soros has warned other investors according to to be very cautious as he believes the global markets are facing a very serious crisis.

While speaking at an economic forum in Sri Lanka, Soros made mention of the fact China is still struggling to come up with a suitable growth model. He also spoke on China’s currency devaluation and how its causing problems for the entire world.

According to Soros, the things going on in the market right now are very similar to what took place in 2008.

During the first week of 2016, stock and commodity markets as well as global currency markets were all under fire. While China is in the process of shifting from investment and manufacturing towards consumption and services, a sinking Yuan is causing even more concern as investors are unsure about the strength of the Chinese economy.

Within the first 10 days of 2016, over $2 trillion was wiped from the value of global equities. If that’s not enough to make you rethink investing in China, than what is?

George Soros was quoted as saying, “China has a major adjustment problem.” A problem so severe it amounts to a crisis in the eyes of Soros.

This is not the first time George Soros has warned of a 2008-like catastrophe. In 2011 he said the Greece-born European debt crunch was even worse than the financial crisis that took place in 2008.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Soros has a net worth of just over $27 billion. His career began in the financial capital of the world, also known as New York City, in the 1950’s.

In 1992 he netted $1 billion when he correctly predicted the U.K. would have to devalue the pound. This one move gained him a reputation for being a very savvy investor. That’s why when he predicts a crisis is coming, investors stop and listen.

To help with China’s adjustment problem, the Communist Party promised to do two very important things. First they will increase the convertibility of the Yuan by 2020, and secondly they will slowly but surely dismantle capital controls. And while this may not solve the problem completely, it is a step in the right direction.