Barbara Stokes leads GHS to glory in the disaster relief construction industry

Barbara Stoke is a Biomedical Engineering and Physics graduate of 2001 from the University of Mercer. She also has additional expertise in technical communication, manufacturing, management and the field of thermodynamics which she got from supplementary studies at Mercer. Stoke is an expert in the government contracting industry as she has worked at establishments like Pisces Corporation as well as Boeing for several years and currently works with GHS. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Green Structure Homes is a leading organization in the disaster relief construction industry based in Alabama to which Barbara Stokes is the Chief Executive Officer. Other than Green Structure Homes, Barbara is also an actively involved volunteer in the Huntsville’s Mother of three Foundations. Her wide array of experience in the construction and marketing industry places her at the top of most suitable individuals to head GHS.

The services at GHS include homes that are made from steel and modular wood frames. These homes use unique technologies to integrate modernized features and at the same time ensure that the homes are environmentally friendly and efficient in terms of energy. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times. The amount of technology employed in the development of these homes ensures that the projects are done as quickly as possible, with an adequate amount of human labor and an impressive amount of accuracy and perfection. In other words, GHS strategizes, develops, delivers and provides an on-site construction of integrated and portable domiciliary and viable structures across the continent of North America. For more than three decades, Green Structure Homes has been able to do the groundwork, preparation, development, assessment, and fixing of residential and commercial structures by use of engineering and leadership strongholds. GHS actively shares FEMA’s mission to make an impact in the community.


Recently, GHS was awarded a contract worth 28.5 million dollars by FEMA. The contract is for the construction of relief modular homes for victims of the Hurricane Harvey that struck eight States of the US. With the new contract comes new job opportunities for people of all the affected eight states that will be taking part in the construction. GHS through its CEO Barbara Stokes announced the job openings that are set to impact multiple lives.