Jason Hope and His Contributions to Anti-Aging Research

Jason Hope is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, investor, and futurist. His passion for technology made him turn his passion into a tremendous business opportunity. He is an Arizona Native. He grew up in a place called Tempe. He later received a Finance degree from Arizona State University. Afterward, he pursued an MBA from the Carey School of Business.

The one area of interest in His philanthropic work is the area of Anti-Aging research. Medical research and medicine seem to be more proactive when it comes to the field of anti-aging illness. To assist push forward with the research. The forthcoming research will enable diseases like diabetes or Alzheimer from ever happening.

Jason Hope uses his money and influence to help fund anti-aging research organizations. Jason Hope funds the SENS foundation. The SENS foundation is on a mission to help fight against anti-aging diseases like diabetes. To help support their cause Jason Hope donated $500,000. The SENS Foundation is a non-profit organisation, which works to promote, develop, and ensure the widespread distribution of rejuvenation biotechnologies for aging diseases.

The gift was a welcome donation for the SENS founder Aubrey de Grey. The relationship between Aubrey de Grey and Jason Hope exists because they are both passionate about finding a solution to anti-aging diseases. Apart from the SENS foundation, Jason Hope also supports several other philanthropic organisations.

The internet of things is probably Jason Hope’s favorite topic. Being a big fan of emerging technology, Jason Hope says the internet of things is the one thing that people should embrace. He says that the internet of things will reduce waste and increase and improve efficiency. According to Jason Hope, the reason why the Internet of things is quite promising is that it is essential when it comes to the receiving feedback and information from our environment.

Apart from sharing on his favorite topic internet of things in interviews, he also talks about various aspects of his life like the rise of his business and how he managed it despite all his doubts. His inspirations are also part of what he shares.

The technological entrepreneur also offers grants to seniors in high schools and colleges with technical ideas. The grants enable them to jumpstart their technological ideas into reality. Apart from the above things he does, he also maintains a blog where he continuously shares about the Internet of things among other technology advancements available.

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Jason Hope, the Visionary Technological Entrepreneur

Jason is a philanthropist, businessman, futurist and an investor who has brought tremendous interest in technology. He has a passion for giving back to his community, Arizona. With the passion for technology, he has used this to see the industry move to another level. His degree in finance from Arizona University also helps him in the managing of his business as well. He uses the knowledge in technology to predict the technological trends and where technology is headed hence managing his business. Jason came up with the technology idea from his official website and therefore improvised the best of it.

Jason is dedicated to the welfare of other people as evidenced by his philanthropic activities and entrepreneurial endeavors. His work as an entrepreneur targets a variety of avenues for research and development. Some of this channels include developing mobile applications, desktop software, gaming software, and devices that encompass connectivity and the power of technology to enrich the human condition and bring ease. Jason is dedicated to working with the young entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life. Jason believes that technology is the future and therefore he commits his time in seniors from high school interested in technology to support their dreams as well and learn more about Jason Hope.

Jason makes money from his portfolio of technology that he created as a start in his business. Companies that render marketing services, digital media explications, computer and business information operations and interactive soft wares are just but some of the ways Jason earns. Jason is also interested in politics as in the state of Arizona. As a philanthropist, Jason has several companies he decided to stand behind. The SENs foundation that he choose to support their involvement in anti-aging research. Jason believes that this research is about creating a longer, better quality of life. Jason believes in discovering of one passion. This will help identify where you want your career to end up and Twitter.com.

Internet of things has become a favorite data phase for the technology industry as advancements in smart devices grow. The hospitality industry is the most profitable sector of the internet of things according to Jason hope. Internet of things refers merely to any device that is network enabled allowing its two-way communication. Jason hope states that as it becomes persuasive, and consumers become more used to this amenities in their homes. This will, in turn, lead to their demand for the technology in their homes. This will improve the technology market. Jason hope believes in the rise in technology in years to come and therefore offers all his dedication to those with the passion for technology and more information click here.

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Talk Fusion Is More Than A Mere Video Communication Platform


It is in the interest of every business’s, whether it is small or large, to stay ahead of the curve. Video communication is one of the greatest innovations of our time but very few companies have managed to harness it’s power and provide it to everyone using a simple methodology. One of these companies who have embraced the technology and made it user friendly is Talk Fusion and it’s CEO, Bob Reina. Talk Fusion is an application that does not fit a single purpose, it is one of those applications that have a multitude of uses, often far beyond the expectation of the user.

As a business example, Charities rely on developing awareness for their cause, thanking donors that have already contributed, finding new potential donors as well as providing a platform for more volunteers to sign up. All these important aspects of Charity take time to address and set up. Few charities can afford to hire the expertise or have the time to take up this time consuming task. Talk Fusion takes this process and simplifies it. No longer is skilled labour required to address these tasks. The all in one solution provides the user with every possible promotion approach available. Whether you are using email, newsletters, conferencing or video chats, products or services can now be brought directly to the customer through a simple click of a button.

Bob Reina is the thinker behind this innovative new technology that has taken the market by storm. His suite does not follow the typical approach of marketing and utilizes a proprietary business model allowing customers to immediately enjoy the earnings of commission for their referral work. Bob Reina was able to take an idea that was thought to be impossible to accomplish and turn it into one of the most used ideas in the industry. This was thanks to the hard work of the senior team at Talk Fusion that work day and night to provide their customers with a bug free software solution that performs every time.

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The Problem of Online Reviews

For Andrew Gruel the launch of his restaurant, Slapfish, was an exciting moment. He had a niche, sustainable seafood, and a style that would make any foodie dance in their seat when the plates arrived. However, he wasn’t perfect and his first few months were rough. Customers went to online review websites like Yelp, Urban Spoon, and Angie’s List in droves to complain about serving sizes and prices. So Mr. Gruel took their complaints to heart and amended his menu, but the damage had been done: the negative reviews were public forever.

Gruel’s story isn’t a rare one and, in fact, it is increasingly common to see companies go into a nosedive because their first few reviews were negative. That is why companies like Status Labs exist. Status Labs, led by CEO Darius Fisher, aim to help businesses and individuals control their public image on the internet. Status Labs is a digital reputation management company and they are almost tailor made to help people like Andrew Gruel and we’ll explain why.

The key to offsetting these bad reviews is to respond to your customers and help them feel heard, respected, and appropriately responded to. With hundreds of reviews potentially going up every month it can be hard for an entrepreneur to sit down and respond to them all. FreedomPop takes the task to heart and they make it their job to respond to all of these reviews almost as soon as possible. Mr. Gruel told reporters that you can “get buried by bad reviews and that you have to “stop the bleeding” — and that is what Status Labs does.

The company opts to respond to bad reviews as quickly as possible in order to resolve and potentially eliminate the negative reviews. This is an important branch of customer service that usually happens in the restaurant. With the popularity of online review websites, however, there has become a very real need for a digital PR branch to help maintain the business. It’s sad but negative reviews, especially int he early life of a company, can turn the tide of public opinion for good.

Status Labs Shows How to Clean-Up Your Google Footprint

How often does a company offer the advice they get paid for – for free?. Yet in the case of Status Labs president, Darius Fisher, he’s doing just that. In a recent article, Mr Fisher clearly spells out five tips to perform a Google name clean-up. Knowing how much trouble a bad digital reputation can be to a person’s career and even their family and social life, Darius Fisher has become an expert in helping persons in a digital crisis. Here are his five suggested tips:

Before you Google yourself, log out of your browser and clear the cache and history. This will give a more accurate view of what others see when they Google your name.
Make sure all your social network profiles have the right privacy settings. Remove any negative photos or statements that you have posted previous to changing these settings.
Create new content about yourself, through a blog, social media bios or press releases. The well-know social media sites rank high on Google, so add info often.
Monitor databrokers like PeopleSmart and WhitePages that scrape the web for your personal information.
Take matters into your own hands by contacting webmasters to have your photo or name removed from websites
Mr. Fisher acknowledges that cleaning up search results and adding fresh and positive content that ranks high on Google’s search takes hard work. But he has been at it for awhile, having served over 1,500 clients in thirty-five countries. Not only is Status Labs an online reputation management service, but also specializes in public relations and digital marketing. With offices located in Austin, New York and Sao Paulo, their clients range from politicians, athletes, CEOs and other public figures.

As an indication of Darius Fischer’s recognition as an expert in digital reputation management and marketing, he will be a speaker at the Impact15 marketing conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada. His presentation is titled “Why the First Page of Google Search is the New First Impression”. He plans to once again share his knowledge of best practices and the SEO along with many other topics. Thanks go out to Mr. Fisher for his help in fixing for others what can seem like an insurmountable task.