New Residential Investment Corp The AC/DC Of The Investment World

New Residential Investment Corp is based in the New York City area. The company’s approximate value is estimated at roughly twenty-one trillion. Michael Nierenberg is the current CEO and president. he became the chairman in May of 2016. He served in various roles with different companies such as Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, Global Mortgages, and Bank of America in 2008. Michael Nierenberg was excited to announce the new Chief Financial Officer of The New Residential Investment Corporation. Nick Santoro is the newest addition to their dynamic team. Recently he was given the title new Chief Financial Officer with over 20 years of financial management experience under his belt. Nick was previously employed as the chief accounting officer at FXCM from 2012 to 2015.

Dave Schneider is currently serving as the Chief Accounting Officer of The New Residential Investment Corporation. Dave attended Fordham University where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting. Dave has a combination of experience pertaining to financial reports and internal controls. He previously worked as the Senior Vice President at Fortress in 2014. Dave’s specialties encompass various financial roles. He also functioned in the Vice President role at JPMorgan Chase. His duties included the structuring of securitizations and MSR transfer. He worked diligently to expand the internal control framework within Mortgage Banking. Dave used to be an employee of Deloitte & Touche LLP for over seven years. He and Michael Nierenberg have both worked with different projects pertaining to Lehman Brothers during different times in their careers. Dave worked as a consultant/contractor. He lead the implementation of SOX 404 compliance and consulting on the SIPC liquidation of Lehman Brothers Inc.

New Residential Investment Corporation seems to have a stronger positive outlook with its new members. The company is taking steps to walk courageously and with focus as they address the mortgage loan market. They are not frightened, instead, they look forward towards the new investment opportunities that were not available before the American Housing Crash. New Residential Investment Corp’s has hardcore goals when it comes to investing. Their energies are concentrated to leverage their acute knowledge and expertise to deliver advantageous returns that benefit growing revenue and cash flow for their clients. New Residential investment Corp has shown itself to be a trustworthy accomplished company. They have solid employees with vast amounts of experience and the company itself has survived through the American Housing crash, therefore, proving it’s sustainability and credibility.

Paul Mampilly Business Predictions For 2019

Paul Mampilly has spent over two decades in the investment business over his professional career, and the Indian-native made the United States his home after attending college. Throughout this time, he’s held a variety of positions, such as money manager, senior research analyst, senior portfolio manager and a whole lot more. Because of this, Mr. Mampilly has seen quite a few trends come and go. With that in mind, he’s made a few predictions for what significant trends will affect the business world over the next few years. The most significant prediction that Paul Mampilly has is that big data will become more and more predictable.

While he’s noted that big data has been around for a while, he’s noted that it hasn’t been accessible for most businesses. However, this is becoming less and less of the case in recent years. As a result, Mr. Mampilly has noted that this means big data will become accessible for more businesses; as such, it will no longer be the domain of large marketing or IT companies. Paul Mampilly said that this can end up being beneficial for the majority of companies as it’s been known to have a significant effect for those who have already made use of it. He’s also noted that this will make companies more adaptable. However, Mr. Mampilly has noted that more and more businesses will have to become more adaptable for modern consumers anyway.

This is because the majority of start-ups and SMEs have shown a considerable amount of success with more personalized marketing techniques. With that in mind, many larger international businesses will become more adaptable and flexible in their approaches. According to Paul Mampilly, these could end up being a significant benefit for both businesses and customers. This is because he’s noted that companies will focus on cultivating interactions and relationships with consumers instead of marketing at them. With this, businesses should end up taking a more agile approach, especially when it comes to their marketing. Because of that, Paul Mampilly has noted that this may end up making them considerably more adaptable and flexible in the market.

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Sheldon Lavin of OSI Food Solutions

Meet Sheldon Lavin, a renowned entrepreneur in the UK. The individual studied accountancy in the University of Illinois. Lavin has the expertise in the management of the large-scale sectors. Therefore, he is a role model for many entrepreneurs across the globe. The business person can create an empire of businesses. At Roosevelt University, Lavin studied business and majored in finance at the Northwest University. For over fifteen years, Lavin worked in his consultancy establishment in the downtown Chicago. The organization got registered as the Sheldon Lavin and Associate. Thus, he ensured great achievement, especially to the food processing companies in production and finance.

Sheldon Lavin uses all the funds in an organization in conserving the environment through sustainable practices. Lavin does not execute all the tasks alone, but he believes in delegating responsibilities to his workers. Therefore, he has fewer research systems in his management processes. The workers can help in determining the areas that require attention in the production. The kind of managerial practices used by Lavin includes control of the availability of resources, handling of the technology, and customer satisfaction.Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Food Solution. The company offers processed meat products to a vast market across the world. In March 2018, the company completed its expansion of the production of quality chicken from 12,000 to 24,000 tons annually.

The extension resulted in the boosting of the economy of the society by adding 20 more job opportunities to the initial 140 employees. Under the leadership of Lavin, the firm acquired the Tyson Food Plant to show the willingness to serve North America. The company went ahead and purchased the Flagship Europe in the year 2017 renaming it the Creative Food Europe. Thus, the company became the primary food supplier in the UK.The latest achievement of OSI Group is the acquisition of the Baho Food, which has extension in Germany and the Netherlands. Sheldon Lavin received the Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy. Also, in the year 2016, Lavin got honored with the Edward C. Jones Community Service Award. Moreover, he made OSI Industries enlisted in the Top 100 American Food Companies.

Go Down in History: Randal Nardone, Fortress Investments

The 51 year old co-founder of Fortress Investments out of New York City is currently ranked number 557 on the Forbes list as of early 2018. His name is Randal Nardone and he acquired most of his wealth through the 53 million shares of Fortress Investment stock which he sold for a sum of 1.6 billion dollars in aggregate. Just last year alone, Randal Nardone earned an additional 100 million dollars on his own. But in addition to all of his success with Fortress, there were many successes and positions as a director on Boards of many companies beforehand. Some of the likes of these companies include UBS in 1998, Mapeley Limited, GAGFAH, SpringLeaf Finance, doBank, OneMain, New Media Investment Group, OneMain, a principal at Blackrock Financial, Infrastructure Investors, SeaCube Container Leasing, Alea Group Holdings Bermuda, Fortress Credit Corporation, and others.

Just recently in late 2017, Fortress Investments was acquired by Japanese investment firm SoftBank in an effort for SoftBank to become the largest fund in the world with an emphasis on artificial intelligence intelligence. SoftBank purchased Fortress Investments for a total of 3.3 billion dollars, and has spent even more on other companies such as arm Holdings plc comma in UK chip Processing Company that was purchased for a total of 32 billion dollars.

Additionally, SoftBank has even purchased the popular American mobile carrier Sprint (in 2013).Randal Nardone is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Fortress even after the acquisition, and in addition to his educational background, his time spent on other boards and at Fortress have served him well. Randal Nardone graduated from the University of Connecticut to get his Bachelors of Arts in English and Bio, and got his Juris Doctorate degree from Boston University: He is an intelligent man who will forever go down in history has the leader who brought private wealth to the public world.

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Board of Management by Peter Briger

Peter Briger is among the board director and the chairman of the Fortress. It is among the organisation that has been able to achieve a lot due to the leadership that comes from the Peter Briger initiatives. Due to his excellent work and ability to make the wise decision he has been promoted to this critical position. It is known that since the year 2006 he has served as the top manager in the board of directors and until later in the year 2009 that he was promoted to a chairman position.He entered into this committee of the board of management in the year 2002, and he has worked very hard to achieve the goals of the company. The main work that he does at this new position is to deal with the credit and also he so active in the field or real estate.

It is said that before he could join this company, he had spent more than 15 years working at the Goldman where he stayed as a partner since the year 1996. Apart from this functions that he carries on, he is also among the board member at the Tipping Point one of the organizations that is none profiting company.The main work of this firm is to serve the fewer fortune people who have less income to meet their financial position in the city of Francisco. He is also a very active member who serves as the primary board member of the Caliber School. It is among the network that deals with the charter schools. The schools are believed to play a very crucial role in preparing the student for a very tough and competitive role in their four years course at the college level.

The best thing about Peter Briger is that he is among the people who motivate the student to perform well in their duties because he is a very passionate person.Peter Briger has gone under a proper system of education because he received her M.B.A degree from the University of the Wharton University one of the best institutions when it comes to the matters of doing up business. When it is time to deal with the real estate issue he is so perfect at it, and he is among the chief consultant when it comes to this matters. It is due to his passion for a business issue that helps him achieve a lot of things in his career.

Jeffry Schneider- A Managerial Leader

jeffry schneider smile

Jeffry Schneider is a natural leader. Contrary to what many critics say, Mr. Schneider didn’t earn any success overnight. He is a go-getter who has served several companies for over 20 years. In fact, before starting his own business ventures, he worked with several well-known companies.

Jeffry Schneider was born and raised in Manhattan, one of the most densely populated and affluent boroughs of New York City, yet he is one of the few individuals who managed to gain financial success on his own. 

His education, working experience, hard work, remarkable managerial skills and professional networking have helped him succeed in his professional career. He holds Bachelors of Arts Degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Upon his graduation, Mr. Schneider worked in several prestigious companies in New York City. It was while working at these companies that he first thought of venturing in the financial services industry. He developed deep knowledge and experience in investments which later helped him establish his first company. 

One of the notable positions Jeffry Schneider took was at a well-known firm. Here, he was tasked with marketing and structuring the company both in the United States and globally. While working here, he developed the ability to analyze managers, an important skill that would serve him later in his career. After five years, he decided that it was time to try his experience and skills in a new space.

While running his own firm, Mr. Schneider has cultivated deep understanding and relationships with a number of companies. Currently, Jeffry Schneider is working as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Outside of his professional career, Mr. Schneider has also shown interests in other areas of life. For instance, he has been participating in the New Zealand Ironman Triathlon, an annual racing competition that has stood the test of time. He has also participated in other racing competitions such as the 2005 half-Ironman at Clairmont, Florida, the 2004 half-Ironman in Santa Rosa, California, 2005 New York City Marathon and 2008 3M half-marathon in Austin. 

Jeffry Schneider is also a philanthropist and an active member of his community. He is a member of several programs aimed at helping the underprivileged and disabled people in the society. One of such programs is the Camp Honey Creek’s Summer Dream program.

The US Money Reserve Wins Awards

The US Money Reserve has won a total of four awards in the year 2016. These awards honor their ability to produce engaging and interesting videos. The awards were given by the 2016 Videographer Awards committee. One of the their honors was received in the “TV Commercials/Products category” because of their excellence. The other one was for “Creativity (TV)/Cinematography”.


Their infomercial was titled, “Testimonial Show”. It received rave reviews from viewers, especially one in particular. This was Richard Petty whom is a gold buyer and NASCAR driver. The show kept him and other viewers riveted as they watched it.


Another show of theirs, “Pearl Harbor Show”, received an Honorable Mention and an Award of Distinction. This is an excellent honor for their creative efforts in producing such fantastic shows.


The judges found their efforts to be remarkable in the categories that they awarded them in. Since this is something that is remarkable seeing a there were around 1,500 entries, they were chosen to be the best. The judges were from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. They look for talent that goes above and beyond the high standards that are placed in the industry.


It is a recognition that holds international esteem. With great pride, the CEO, Angela Koch gives her people plenty of credit for performing at the highest levels possible, and thanks them for their creative and excellence and creating something of such great work that was entertaining for their audience as a whole.


Since winning the awards is an honor, this gives them more encouragement to create and produce more shows. When their people get noticed in this way, they are excited to begin something new and turn it into another masterpiece. The US Money Reserve is proud to have achieved such high honors in year 2016. They also won the Bronze during the Telly Awards, the 37th annual one. With such a good year behind them, they look forward to another one next year. In the years to come, they are sure to take home more awards for her hard work and dedication.

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Madison Street Capital’s President Charles Botchway Thinks Hedge Fund Investors Are Expecting Too Much

Charles Botchway is one of the co-founders of Chicago-based Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital focuses on small and medium size mergers and acquisitions around the world. Botchway and COO Anthony Marsala have won numerous awards in the financial industry, so people listen when the men talk about investment banking. Botchway and Marsala had an excellent year in 2015. Madison Street Capital closed 42 hedge fund deals in 2015 compared to 32 transactions in 2014. The volume of the 2015 transactions was 27 percent higher than 2014. Botchway and Marsala think 2016 will be a better year than 2015, but many hedge fund investors are expecting to make a 9 percent return on their investments, and that may be too optimistic.

Mr. Botchway thinks smaller hedge fund managers are trying to attract new capital, and they are functioning below projected portfolio capacity levels. Overall, hedge fund managers are experiencing higher operational costs, and there is a lot of pressure to reduce management fees. These issues are forcing all hedge fund managers to consider strategic alternatives. But Madison Street Capital is still performing as expected and management fees have not been impacted so far.

But a survey of 400 investors in other funds, expects at least a 9 percent net return on their investment, but in 2014 there was a net decline of 2 percent when all hedge fund activity was analyzed, according to data tracker eVestment. The survey also showed that 5 percent of hedge fund investors expect an 18 percent return, and 32 percent expect a return between 15 and 17 percent. There is a dramatic difference between what hedge fund investors expect and what hedge funds are delivering, and that mismatch is creating uneasiness in the industry. Many hedge fund managers have lower their fees, and they have offered their investors other perks to compensate for the difference in net returns.Some hedge fund managers are offering investors alternative mutual funds in order to tap into a bigger investor pool.

Hedge fund managers are feeling the pressure and shift in the industry. The old hedge fund performances that beat stock market returns, and provided a hedge against stock market downturns are not there anymore. The old fee base was 2 percent of assets managed and a 20 percent performance fee on top on that. That model is fading fast.

The Madison Street Capital hedge fund and other hedge funds like Element Capital Management and Perceptive Advisors are still outperforming the industry in terms of returns. But there were some big losers last year. Pershing Square Capital’s returns dropped 20 percent last year, and Greenlight Capital also dropped 20 percent. No one is sure how the hedge fund industry will do in 2016, but Botchway is still optimistic based on the assets he manages.

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Madison Street Capital Appears Ready for Another Record Breaking Year

According to recent statistics, hedge fund assets are at an all-time high, even though 2015 offered only mediocre performance. It seems that institutional investors are allocating assets to hedge funds in an attempt to increase their overall performance. Madison Street Capital is an experienced international investment banking firm, located in Chicago, IL. They provide advice and services to public and private companies. They offer expert financial opinions, mergers and acquisition services and valuation services.

In 2015, Madison Capital closed 42 hedge fund deals. This is up from 32 transactions in 2014, over a 30 percent increase in business. This increase and other key issues should propel 2016 to another record year for Mergers and Acquisitions. Aside from traditional M&A’s other deals are being structured as seed or incubator deals. These are new to the industry. They include revenue share stakes, PE stakes and other features.

Madison Street Capital has focused its attention on partnering with mid-sized firms who need advice on expansion and raising funds. They help advise companies on the best way to raise needed working capital. They help companies with investment advice for their excess capital. Madison also helps many companies expand their businesses through Mergers and Acquisitions. They have developed a solid reputation in global financial markets with their expertise and knowledge.

The firm consists of experts from across the financial arena that bring their experience and knowledge as well as their industry relationships to the company. These people make Madison one of the top middle market investment banking firms in the country.

Madison Street Capital is heavily involved in philanthropic activities as well. They work closely with The United Way to help with disaster relief around the country. They belie e in providing excellent service to the organizations they serve and giving support to their community as well.

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Wealth Solutions Is Determined to Help Its Clients Enjoy Retirement

Wealth Solutions is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm that provides personalized financial planning to wealthy families and business owners in the Austin, Texas area. The financial markets are always changing and Wealth Solutions believes that financial strategies must change and evolve as well.

Wealth Solutions is always seeking ways to provide unique solutions that allow clients to look at the upside, while still having minimal risk. Due to the fact that many clients are heading for retirement, Wealth Solutions recognizes that the main goal of the client is to preserve their wealth while building and planning for retirement. Wealth Solutions understands that every client wants to be able to leave a legacy for future generations. Wealth Solutions will help clients compose a financial plan to help them reach their retirement goals.

The firm’s founder Richard Blair has over two decades worth of experience in the financial services industry. Blair has always been a fan of education. Through his family, Blair witnessed how teaching can influence people. Blair also had a natural interest in finance. Blair soon realized that he could assist people with his financial planning and investment skills. After graduating from college, Blair entered the financial services industry. Blair founded Wealth Solutions a year later. Blair hoped to provide advice to his clients without any conflicts of interest. Blair has experience in retirement planning and aims to help bridge the gap between living now and saving money for retirement. By helping his clients stay out of bad situations, Blair shows them how to retire successfully.

Blair follows a Three Pillar Approach to help his clients develop a financial plan. The first pillar will help explain the client’s financial direction. Blair will assess the client’s strengths, goals, and opportunities for growth. This pillar helps Blair build relationships with his clients. Blair helps the client look at realistic expectations.

The Second Pillar helps Richard Blair develop a long term investment strategy that is tailored to each client’s goals and needs. Blair is looking to maximize assets while minimizing the impact that a negative period may have on a client’s portfolio. Performance is tracked and compared to the client’s expectations.

The Third Pillar involved Blair and the client reaching an agreement on the client’s financial goals and strategies to provide growth and liquidity. Blair helps put the client in position to deal with all types of circumstances as they occur.

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