New Happening Of Fortress Investment Group

Introduction to Fortress Investment Group
Fortress Investment Group is a financial firm with an outstanding reputation. Fortress Investment Group has engaged in a change in its investment strategy. That will allow them to offer their investors an investment that is highly secured called iPass. iPass is one of the top worldwide providers of global connectivity options. All of the IPass’s considerable assets secure the loan like their SmartConnect technology as an example.

Introduction to Riley Financial
The company that brokered the deal for the Fortress Investment Group was Riley Financial. Riley is known well in the financial world for its equity research that is ranked up high. They operate in the four segments of Auction and Liquidation, Capital Markets, Principal Investments, and Valuation and Appraisal. Riley Financial is known for working out high-profile deals.

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Wi-Fi Operation
Did you know that IPass operates the biggest Wi-Fi network in the world, allowing consumers and businesses to go on millions of Wi-Fi hotspots? There is also strong value provided with a large amount of Wi-Fi. It was expected by the end of 2018 for hotspots to increase to 340 million. A factor that makes IPass a good investment for Fortress is having exponential growth in Wi-Fi technology. Also, investors can gain an appreciation of the wisdom of investing in this technology.

The Purchase
Recently, the Fortress Investment Group purchased by a company called Soft Bank for a large amount of $3.3 billion in the value of cash. The news was surprising because SoftBank does not come with a traditional or real estate focus. However, there is much respect gained all over the industry. This group was started up by Rajeev Misra and is with 1,000 employees who are striving to be “one of the largest managers of alternative assets in the world.” One big move that SoftBank is trying to make is to go far into the real estate market in the location of New York.

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Jingdong Debuts Grand Tokaj Sweet Wine from Hungary

Ever since it was established in 2004, or Jingdong has been able to scale its operations to unprecedented eyes.

After years of hard work, Jingdong has been able to establish such a significant traction in the region that it is now known as the largest retailer in China and one of the very few largest online operations within the country.

With over 300 million customers, any vendor who gets to showcase their product on Jingdong can rest assured in the fact that they would have the ultimate exposure in the country.

Hungarian winery Grand Tokaj is one such name, which has recently chosen Jingdong to launch products in China.

This has provided Jingdong with an opportunity to prove to its strength at dealing in luxury and drinking items yet again. This is not the first time that the online retailer is doing so either. But it is certainly the first time when Grand Tokaj has taken its operations online.

Judging by how things turned out during the debut sale, Grand Tokaj has made a propitious decision for its branding. It was reported by Jingdong that it sold over 1,000 bottles of Grand Tokaj wines within the first 10 hours of the store’s launch on Jingdong.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jingdong also recorded that Grand Tokaj’s store got over 400,000 followers within the first 24 hours of its launch. This was quite a feat for the wine maker, who noticed such a positively staggering response for its very first online outing at this scale.

It is being noted that this was also one of the best debut stories for alcohol retailers at Jingdong. Since Jingdong has already gathered data that over 75 percent of its customers prefer wine that has been imported from another country.

The aforementioned promotional launch period started from April 17 and ended on April 22.

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Michael Nierenberg The Entrepreneur Behind New Residential Investment Corporation Growth

Michael Nierenberg is not a strange name in the world of investments and Mortgages. He has served various managerial, sales and marketing positions that have led to his expertise. He is Chief Director of a company called Fortress. Before, he worked at Global Mortgages as the head. His work profile also has Bank of America Merill Lynch as well; here he was in charge of the sales department whose role was to oversee the divisions of trade in the firm. He has also had the opportunity to work in JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers, and Bear Sterns. All three companies are known to be a big deal in real estate.

He managed to an instrumental tool in making real estate and mortgages to be adjustable in the dynamic market that is real estate. He has left the iconic seal of approval in the real estate market and so far by being a great leader and expert through the knowledge he has received. He is if not already the next big thing in the market. Currently, he serves the position of the senior member of the Board as well as the CEO of the New Residential Investment Corporation. His net worth now stands at 16.6 million US Dollars, according to the 2019 report.

Michael Nierenberg owns a massive unit project that has value in the stock market. He has done trades with his company and even made a great sale worth 1,708,708 us dollars. Being a member of the investment banking committee helped gain knowledge to be where he is now.

Currently 55, Michael Nierenberg is still here to invest in mortgages and make it a global affair. His years at New Residential Investment Company have been successful because of his input as the managing director. He has closed deals worth millions and has helped the real estate company be the best.

New Residential Investment company main aim is to dwell in mortgage investments as well as its management; it has so far managed to serve its clients accordingly. It also deals in loans about mortgages, security matters in real estate as well advances whenever necessary. The loans services range from homeowners to unsecured loans as well as mortgage servicing. All these have been made possible under his leadership.

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Lincolnshire announces the sale of Holley Performance products

Lincolnshire management is an equity firm which was founded in 1986. It deals with investments and also the growth of middle-sized market companies. Lincolnshire has its headquarters located in New York and regional offices in different states like Chicago and Los Angeles. The private equity funds that Lincolnshire manages are over $ 1.7 billion. See some of the firm’s acquisitions here

In October 2018 Lincolnshire announced that it would be selling Holley performance products. Lincolnshire management will be handling the sale of Holley to sentinel capital partners Affiliate Company. The affiliate company will be merging its performance products with those of Holley. Lincolnshire management declined to reveal more information about the merger.

Holley was founded back in 1903, and it deals with designing, manufacturing, and marketing of products that are branded. Holley deals with products that provide stability and performance growth in the automotive aftermarket. When making the announcement the chairman and CEO of Lincolnshire management said that they choose to invest in Holley due to its muscular brand strength and broad product portfolio.

He also added that since they began working with Holley in 2013, they have been working to create an acquisition strategy which is aggressive and will bring about substantial growth by increasing the investments in new product development.

Ben Barlett, a principal at Lincolnshire management also stated that the CEO of Holley and his team had done a fantastic job. This is because they were able to manipulate the changes in technology and customer tastes and preferences to triple their revenues and increase their earning four times more during Lincolnshire’s investment time.

He also added that Holley had shown its ability to bring about innovation by focusing on the development of new products and also by creating good customer relations.

Holley’s CEO, Tom Tomlinson has commended Lincolnshire Management for its ability to understand the market, products and target consumers of Holley. According to Tom Lincolnshire was able to understand their complex issues. Because of this Lincolnshire added value to Holley which enabled them to grow and evolve in the past five years.

Career at Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a subsidiary investment management company founded in 1998 as a private organization by three entrepreneurs; Wesley R. Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman. Based in New York City, the firm specializes in private equity, traditional property management, and credit liquid markets. Since its establishment, the company remained privately owned until on September 30, 2017, when Softbank acquired all the necessary approvals to run the company.

Career at Fortress Investment Group

Working at Fortress has lots of benefits with the staff and the management in general. The company has many job opportunities for those interested in joining the company. From the past thirty days ago, the company has posted over twenty-five job vacancies for in different positions of the company for the interested participants. The job offers posted remain accompanied by the range of the salary provided for any category

Some of the vacancies available at the company include Data Engineer, credit real estate analyst, FP&A analyst, credit operations, associate project engineer and many others. With different office locations in the United States, the company has specified the location of each job offer provided. Some of the places include Dallas Texas, New York City, and Miami Florida.

Fortress Investment Group, therefore, requires eight associates, eight analysts, five interns, and two consultants, summer interns and liquid markets analysts each. From the reviews by the former and current staff, the company has a good working environment and enhancing the employee’s experience throughout the working period. It also provides excellent internship programs to interns exposing them to a professional team. The company also has an opportunity for offering permanent job offers for the selected few of their interns after their internship and graduations. Read the article about Fortress at The Wall Street Journal.

Employee’s Benefits with the Company

As an employee, the company also provides other services, which are beneficial in or outside the company. Fortress Investment Group offers health insurance which covers an employee, as an individual and their families. It also provides a 401K Plan, and a great PTO accompanies by retirement benefits. Additionally, it also offers vacation holidays, sick days during working days and gyms and school repayment programs for some of their interns.



Southridge Capital: Benefiting from the Stronger American Economy

Southridge Capital is one of the leading holding companies in the United States today. They specialize in diversified financial holdings, and they are also providing direct investment services, as well as advisory services to their clients. The company is known for their roles in helping the small and middle market companies succeed. The company has been around since the 90s decade, and in the year 1996, the company ordered its structured finance team to pursue an investment deal worth $1.7 billion. Many companies around the world benefited from the investment deal, and they grew tremendously partly because of the investment that they received from the Southridge Capital. Today, the company continues to provide investment assistance to their clients, and they are also focused on helping small businesses succeed by offering them a lot of programs and plans that they can follow.



The founder and the chief executive officer of Southridge Capital, Stephen Hicks, said that the positive growth of the United States economy has a positive effect on the company. Back in 2008, the United States, along with other countries in the West, have experienced the worst economic recession in the 21st century. However, things quickly came back to normal, and after a miraculous bounce back, the economy of the United States is now stronger than ever. One of the first institutions that are affected by the country’s increasing economy would be the financial institutions like the Southridge Capital. Stephen Hicks said that if the current trend continues, it will spell more profit for the company, and more clients will be asking for their services. Checkout for more details.



Aside from the advantages due to the strong economy of the United States, Stephen Hicks is also looking forward to the partnerships and contract deals that they have signed with other companies. He said that these partnerships would help them succeed further. One of the partnerships that the company signed was with a Dallas-based tech company. The software developers working for the tech company are said to assist the Southridge in creating a software program that they can provide to their clients to help them manage their wealth, profits, and other assets that have been entrusted to them. for further information you can visit their facebook page.


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There is no doubt that the Fortress investment group is one of the biggest investment firms. From owning Brightline to partnering with iPass, the firm is dedicated to revolutionizing the business sector. Since its foundation in 1998, Fortress group has taken the industry to the next level. Year after year, it reaches new heights in operation management, capital markets, asset-based investments and in mergers and acquisitions.

Fortress Investment Group’s principals, Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger have kept the torch burning for the past two decades. Their experience from Goldman Sachs, UBS, Lehman Brothers, and BlackRock Financial management provided platforms for these principals. Rob Kauffman, who retired to follow his interests in car racing, Randal and Edens are the initial principals and founders of the firm.

The trio who shared the same vision invested in their time to build a private equity firm whose assets grew drastically to $3.9 over a period of five years. In 1999, the firm launched Fortress Investment Fund I, which acted as the steppingstone to their success. Gradually, they invested in real estate, hedge funds, and debt securities. In 2006, Fortress Group came up with Fortress Investment Fund II, III, and IV, Fortress Brookdale Investment Fund, Fortress Partners Fund, Drawbridge Special Opportunities Fund, and Long Dated Value Funds.

Fortress Investment Group’s success is also evident in the acquisition of the Canadian Company Intrawest, Penn National Gaming, Rail America and Florida East Coast Industries between the year 2006 and 2007. Still, in 2007, the firm became an IPO, which shook the business world significantly. Soon after, firms like Oaktree Capital Group, Blackstone Group, and Carlyle Group followed suit and went public.

The shift from private to a public firm turned out to be Fortress Investment group’s most significant move. It increased the investment vehicles, and all its funds became online. It even accommodated international funds such as the Fortress Asia Macro Fund. Due to its growth, the firm opened headquarters in Asia, Singapore, and Shanghai, and added on in San Francisco in 2011.

Today, Fortress Investment is under the SoftBank Group Corporation after they bought the firm at $3.3 billion in 2017. Fortress investment group, however, continues its operations with Peter Briger, Edens and Nardone as the principals. The acquisition changed nothing as the firm is an independent entity. Softbank only seeks to support the firm in the information revolution.

All eyes will be on the new partnership as it promises to improve their alternative asset investment strategies. Fortress Organization became the Management Firm of the Year in 2014. The firm has so much to offer, and hopefully, they will continue with this trend in the years to come.

Equities First US Should Be Your Primary Choice of Lending Solutions

Equities First Holdings offers an opportunity of lending that someone may not necessarily be able to obtain for somewhere else. By applying for the loan that is offered by Equities First Holdings, you may come to find out that their terms are some of the best that are offered in the market.

There are a myriad of things that someone may be wanting to obtain a loan could use it for. Among some of such things are: paying off mortgage on a home, making vehicle payments, donating to a favorite charity of theirs, to pay bills, to start a business, to pay for schooling, or anything else that may be considered to be things that support them in every day life. It is important to know that it’s highly recommended that the borrower obtain loan from an organization that they can depend on. Such forms of dependence should be based upon whether the organization has been rated or reviewed well by people who have borrowed from them in the past. If you happen to be someone who could utilize a loan, please don’t hesitate to ask one of the customer service representatives what Equities First Holdings can do for you. It is highly likely that they will offer you loan terms that are quite unbeatable.

There are many high net-worth individuals who have had difficulty in obtaining loans, whether it be due to the lending institution not having enough capital to provide for them, or such an institution not thinking that they need it is completely dependent on the lenders’ reasons. However, it’s important to know that high net-worth individuals have financial goals too, regardless of having enough capital to begin with. Equities First Holdings exists to provide them with opportunities of obtaining loans that they may be wanting to fund whatever that they’re planning on funding.

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