Lincolnshire announces the sale of Holley Performance products

Lincolnshire management is an equity firm which was founded in 1986. It deals with investments and also the growth of middle-sized market companies. Lincolnshire has its headquarters located in New York and regional offices in different states like Chicago and Los Angeles. The private equity funds that Lincolnshire manages are over $ 1.7 billion. See some of the firm’s acquisitions here

In October 2018 Lincolnshire announced that it would be selling Holley performance products. Lincolnshire management will be handling the sale of Holley to sentinel capital partners Affiliate Company. The affiliate company will be merging its performance products with those of Holley. Lincolnshire management declined to reveal more information about the merger.

Holley was founded back in 1903, and it deals with designing, manufacturing, and marketing of products that are branded. Holley deals with products that provide stability and performance growth in the automotive aftermarket. When making the announcement the chairman and CEO of Lincolnshire management said that they choose to invest in Holley due to its muscular brand strength and broad product portfolio.

He also added that since they began working with Holley in 2013, they have been working to create an acquisition strategy which is aggressive and will bring about substantial growth by increasing the investments in new product development.

Ben Barlett, a principal at Lincolnshire management also stated that the CEO of Holley and his team had done a fantastic job. This is because they were able to manipulate the changes in technology and customer tastes and preferences to triple their revenues and increase their earning four times more during Lincolnshire’s investment time.

He also added that Holley had shown its ability to bring about innovation by focusing on the development of new products and also by creating good customer relations.

Holley’s CEO, Tom Tomlinson has commended Lincolnshire Management for its ability to understand the market, products and target consumers of Holley. According to Tom Lincolnshire was able to understand their complex issues. Because of this Lincolnshire added value to Holley which enabled them to grow and evolve in the past five years.

Agera Energy Is A Young Company That Found Its Purpose

Agera Energy is a young company that began doing business in 2014. The organization found its purpose while suffering through a severe winter. The weather had taken its toll on customers and suppliers. It left them in need of serious relief. Agera Energy met the needs of the community and began to develop relationships throughout the area. It would be an excellent time for the company to launch its innovative business model. New customers of the energy company customers demanded that they receive guidance and protection. The client insisted on having a supplier that possessed the essential qualities to serve the community. Many other organizations were not able to take advantage of these opportunities. These companies were overwhelmed and either had to sell out to larger energy companies or close for business altogether.

Agera Energy says, they met the challenges head-on with enthusiasm. They were able to develop the necessary procedures that helped them rise above the competition in the industry. The peculiar circumstances opened the door for groundbreaking energy opportunities at Agera Energy. Agera Energy has since acquired several other large organizations. The first of these acquisitions allowed them to introduce themselves to their consumer base. The company put a large direct sales team together designed to introduce its product to the community.

Management at Agera Energy did not focus on traditional sales techniques and standard energy training. They prepared their frontline personnel with the knowledge needed to handle energy customers on a personal level. Each member of the team was handed the necessary instructions to carry out the process. The training ensured that all personnel was operating at full capacity on every phase of the business. Company experts oversaw all elements of the operation from the introduction to enrollment. The actions lead to innovative ideas that made Agera a game-changer within the energy industry. Agera Energy has gone on to build a very loyal customer base. It currently has 1.8 million contracts with RCE customers. The 1.8 million is an average of 600,000 new deals yearly over the last three years.


Jeunesse Global helps people glow with beauty through Luminesce

Although few people are familiar with the names of Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, an increasing number of people have heard of their company, Jeunesse Global. As one of the greatest surprise success stories over the last 10 years, Jeunesse Global has gone from a garage-based startup to become one of the most important companies in the global health and beauty sector.

It all started back in 2009 when Ray and Lewis, who had made tens of millions of dollars running their own direct-selling companies, decided that they finally wanted to retire. The couple had spent their entire careers in the fast-paced and exciting world of business. They believed that they had reached a point in their lives when they could sit back, sip drinks by the pool and enjoy long days without anything in particular to do.

But it turned out that they had misjudged themselves. The reality of retirement quickly set in. Ray and Lewis realized that they greatly missed the excitement of the business world. Even more, they found that they couldn’t stand the sense of ennui that not having anything to do gave them. They longed for the sense of daily purpose that running their own business and competing in the cutthroat direct-selling industry had given them.

As a result, Ray and Lewis started selling a few products out of the garage of their Florida mansion. That small operation would go on to become Jeunesse Global. Today, the company is valued at more than $1 billion and has thousands of distributors operating in dozens of countries. But the real key to Jeunesse Global’s success has been its stellar lineup of game-changing products.

One example is the company’s moisturizer lotion and anti-aging crème, Luminesce. Luminesce performs admirably as a standalone moisturizer, competing toe-to-toe with some of the biggest brands in the industry and scoring favorably across all performance metrics.

But Luminesce also contains the company’s patented anti-aging formula, APT-200. This has been clinically shown to reduce wrinkles, prevent the formation of new wrinkles and restore youthful elasticity that is inevitably lost to the aging process. With Luminesce, customers can glow with beauty, all day long.