Evolutionary EOS Lip Balm

With limited scents and small tubes chapsticks such as Chapstick, Carmex, Burt’s Bees, and Blistex had been the lip balm of choice for many years until the recent introduction of EOS lip balm. The founders of EOS Lip Balm put a lot of time, thought, and research into marketing and creating an undeniable lip balm that would be able to uphold in a market of competitors that have been the go to for many years.

In doing so, they had to pinpoint all of the positive and negative aspects of their competitors and change the negative when creating their product. EOS Lip Balm founders incorporated a unique yet convenient packaging in comparison to the usual small tube that is easily lost. EOS Lip Balm is made with all organic products.

In marketing their product EOS lip balm took a similar yet different route than their competitors who still advertised through television and magazines. They took the route than their competitors and incorporated blogging, celebrity usage, and posting to social platform such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, beauty blogs, and other platforms to target a specific age range of women. In doing so, EOS lip balm ratings skyrocketed making them the largest advertiser in their category.

EOS Revamps What We Think of When We Think of Lip Care

In saturated markets many product names become synonymous with the product they make. On example of this is Chapstick. Chapstick sells lip balm and everyone is familiar with their tubes of cylindrical lip care products, https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm.html. EOS (Evolution Of Smooth) decided to take the plunge into this market in an attempt to change the norm and streamline it into something more desirable to its target user.

The first step would be to figure out who exactly the target was. Research provided important insight into that aspect. It showed that though Chapstick and other lip care companies tried to create a unisex product, the target market was dominated by women who use lip balms as part of their daily beauty regimen. They also interviewed women to find which aspects they liked, disliked, and what they would enjoy in a new product.

Utilizing this important information, EOS lip balm chose to appeal to the women who would likely be the ones using their product. To do this they revamped the boring tube for a more whimsical orb shape that is fun to apply and can more easily be found at the bottom of a purse. The couple’s new visual appeal with fabulous new flavors and natural ingredients, and EOS had created a winning combination- a $250 million dollar winning combination.

The Lip Balm Company quickly rose to second place, just behind Burt’s Bees, as best-selling in the industry. This is a great accomplishment considering the staple of companies that have been around forever had become household names. They have solitarily transformed and driven growth in the oral care industry pushing it to new levels and in a new direction.

EOS can now be seen splashed across fashion magazines and in the hands of celebrities. They can be bought on major retail stores such as Walmart and Target. They currently sell over one million units a week and look forward to more success as the market is expected to increase steadily in the next few years. Part of that increase is due to the demand for more natural products. That is good news for EOS since natural is their specialty.