Technological advancement changing the face of internet users

The introduction of the internet has led to increased communication and information sharing across the globe. This has also led to the emergence and development of many internet and data providing companies. Internet access is very expensive especially to heavy users that is why many organizations and companies are coming up with better yet cheaper ways of providing internet access to people. According to FreedomPop review, FreedomPop is one such company that has invested in different ways of subsidizing the use of internet by reducing on the cost of accessing internet opportunities. The company has invested in providing affordable internet access to people in over 30 countries globally. The organization allows you to sign up and receive free 500mbs data bundles for the first time users. This has led to increased internet users since people can now easily access data bundles. However, the company makes its money from the renewal it makes where it charges the client on internet usage once the data bundles are finished or if you exhaust the bundles before one month elapses. The company also offers diverse ways of getting bundles if they are finished for instance, when you refer a friend and starts using the data bundles, you are entitled to 10Mbs. The platform also enables his clients to use Wi-Fi calls instead of the normal expensive cell phones calls. Here, the customer pay $5 per month to make calls from any part of United States of America.


The company has a package that has attracted a lot of people towards using their services. For instance for $20 per month you are given unlimited talks and texts with 1GB of internet bundle. That is very important for small scale internet users and has brought traffic to the company. There is a WhatsApp group that enables you to share a lot pertaining to the company how to access the services.


Stephen Stokols is the chief executive officer and founder of the company, he is optimistic that 65% of USA within the first quarter target almost 120million people using the services. The company is developing and android application that will be out in a few weeks’ time targeting marketing opportunities over the boarders. With its services being rolled out to other parts of the world, the company has raised over $19 million from investors who have seen potential returns from the investment made. As such, the company continues expanding in offering affordable internet access across the United States of America according to