Fine Dining with the Family Dog

Everyone loves to put some work into preparing a delicious meal for loved ones. Whether it’s a romantic meal for two, or a larger piece for the entire family. But the Daily Herald recently reported on an unexpected dinner guest. It turns out that the family dog might well be having high quality meals every day, mot just on special occasions. The Daily Herald was looking into a recent trend of high quality gourmet dog food. Obviously people have always wanted good food for their dogs. But in general, dog owners were content to serve food that was of far lesser quality than an average meal which they themselves might eat. The Daily Herald showed a surprising change in that perception though. They reported that dog food companies were beginning to use ingredients that were actually better than the average human meal. A combination of high quality ingredients and tastes centered around traditional prepared meals have created dog food that humans might not even mind taking a taste of. But while the trend might be new, there’s been some companies which have paved the way. In particular, the Beneful brand of dog food has placed an emphasis on high quality ingredients from the very start. One of their biggest points has always been that dog food should actually look like real food. Most dog food is so heavily processed and artificially flavored that it’s hardly recognizable on Facebook as anything that ever existed in nature. Right from the start, Beneful decided to ensure that food was kept in as natural a state as possible. This means that when one opens up a bag of the high quality dog food brand, it’s obvious what’s in there. If it’s a chicken flavor than there will be chunks of chicken visible to the eye. If there’s some healthy veggies in there than one can actually tell which vegetables are on the dog’s menu for that day. And perhaps most importantly Beneful knew that natural ingredients mean that all of the complex mixtures of vitamins and minerals that exist in food will be kept intact. There’s no need for artificial flavors and artificial foods when that quality is coming right from nature itself.