Are Freedom Checks Legit Or Scam? Truth Has Been Revealed

Freedom Checks stories look like a news article, actually, it’s a marketing strategy. It is meant to make you excited about the golden opportunity. Visit their 2018 website, there is a video featuring the man whose idea is talked about, Matt Badiali. In the video, there are testimonies of people who have received Freedom Checks in three tunes, $66, 570, $24,075 and $160,293. Matt Badiali is even seen holding a check similar to that of United States Treasury. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

The problem here; Affiliate Unguru had pointed out that the photos which were used as testimonials came from the stocks photos. It means that no photos of real people receiving those checks. Tim wrote that he has not to go through each testimony because his guess is that they are fake! He is the man behind Affiliate Unguru. He added that he has seen it a lot in the scam sites, in his opinion it’s unethical.

So, are the Freedom Checks scam? Technically, no. The problem is that it doesn’t look like a convenient with the truth behind it; you are to get a 5 figure check in your mail inbox just for signing up.

The name being used “Freedom Checks” comes from Matt Badiali, and it’s basing on the strategy of real investment. The Master Limited Partnerships(MLPs), ensure those investments are paid a percentage of their money they had put as an investment. It is done monthly or quarterly.


After investing your money with MLPs, then you are purchasing units from the company. Then you will get a piece of yield back but it will be based on the company’s performance. These companies especially gas and energy become publicly traded with limited partnerships and it combines the public company with benefits of partnerships, meaning that they don’t pay taxes like typical corporations. The Investopedia said.

It sounds similar to what happens in the stock market, the exception is that the companies must be able to generate 90% of their revenue from United States natural resources. The idea where Freedom Checks is utilized is because the companies would rather give their profits to those investing in them instead of the government. Matt Badiali talked of 568 companies being part of MLPs, but in his recommendation, he talked about only five. The big bucks become possible for those investing millions of dollars in a year.

Matt Badiali is the man selling these checks. He is selling the membership opportunity to his real wealth strategy as quoted in advisory Newsletter. The report about the checks is to explain the recommended five MLPs. Read more about Freedom Checks at