Breaking Down Walls with Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall is one half of the band, The Chainsmokers, and together with Andrew Taggart, they are making it a pint to separate themselves from other DJ’s in the industry, one track at a time. While other artists that make EDM music typically focus on bass thumping beats and drops that you seek out and remember for years to come, The Chainsmokers are leaving their mark by putting meaningful thoughts and feelings, accompanied by raw emotion into their music, and it’s working. With worldwide hits such as “Don’t let me down”, “Roses”, and their newest single, “Closer” it is clear that what they are doing is definitely working, and the fans love it.

Alex grew up as an aspiring DJ, and spent most of his time DJing around New York City, taking gigs wherever he could get them. While he did consider it a side job, it was truly more of a passion of his, that had slowly started to turn into a job. One day Alex found himself in an art gallery, and it was there that he had a sudden realization. Alex realized that he was no longer just passionate about dance music, but that it was quickly taking over his life. It was at that time that he decided he would give this a real chance, and see where it could take him, not as a side job anymore, but as a career. It didn’t take long for Alex’s manager at the time, to put him in touch with Andrew Taggart. Andrew moved down from Maine, Alex quit his job, and the rest is history.

So how did two people who never met before, start making music, and eventually come to be who now know as The Chainsmokers? Alex Pall will tell you that it came down to not only their commonality when it came to the music they liked, but primarily their drive and ambition to succeed. Andrew and Alex would work day in and day, typically from 9am to 7pm, with the goal of not only making music, but deciphering, and finding out who they were, as artists.

Norka Explains How Music is her Fate

Norka Luque was born in Caracas Venezuela. Her music career is being guided by a well-known Latino music producer called Emilio Estefan. In 2011, Norka launched her first single titled As You Do which was composed by Archie Pena, a Venezuelan producer. With this single, Norka Luque was nominated for the female pop artist of the year in the Premios Lo Nuestro.

Norka narrates that she originates from a blessed household, full of life lessons, various languages, and different cultures, which made her realize that she has a great passion for singing and her destiny is in music.

Norka Luque originates from Venezuela but is a US-based musician; she burst into the limelight of entertainment industry when producer Emilio Estefan. She presented her first album called miracle that is already being played on Latino radio stations in various parts of the country.

In touch with music

Norka loved music for the time she was a little kid, and for the reason, she took part in different competitions. After completing her high school, she relocated to France to continue her studies in International Business. Since she had a great passion for music, she searched for something that would bring her close to her music and joined a music band known as Bad Moon Rising. In this group, Norka appeared on several platforms, and this saw her serve as learning for profession development as a solo musician she is now. When she went back to the United States, she enrolled in singing classes and art studio where she learned about fashion and cookery skills.

Norka narrates that from that period, its only good memories that surround her life, particularly when she met Emilio Estefan since she had no clue that they can ever meet. Norka spotted Emilio and approached him explaining to him how music was her dream, she even presented some materials so that he can listen and get the concept. The prominent producer listened to the materials presented to him.

Emilio agreed to work with Norka since she had the potential and promised to make her a famous musician. From that time, Emilio and Norka started working together, and for Norka to create a discipline the producer demanded that she must continue the signing classes.