Renovia Was Founded On Innovation And The Desire To Treat Illnesses By Marc Beer

Renovia is an up and coming biotech company that was founded in Boston that specializes in Pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, devices, and biotechnology. Renovia was co-founded by Marc Beer, a man with more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and as an entrepreneur. Marc is constantly on the outlook for new growth at Renovia and he has his heart set on new innovations to facilitate new growth. Tens of millions of dollars have gone into research at Renovia already in the past couple of years and Marc was able to acquire another 42 million to extend operations and do new research from their second funding round. Learn more:


Thanks to the innovative new treatments and technology that Renovia is coming up with, many more possibilities are being found when it comes to women’s health. It is estimated that there are more than 250 million people around the world facing urinary incontinence and other symptoms related to pelvic floor disorder. This new treatment that has been discovered by Renovia comes in the form of a digital health platform known as Leva. Leva uses sensory technology in order to gather specific information relating to patients and then provides them with ways to treat their own pelvic floor disorder. Although Renovia has only been in the biotech market for three years, the FDA already approved their Leva product, though it is still going through testing and upgrades.


Marc Beer has been committed to the pharmaceutical industry for decades and he is also a well-established entrepreneur. His enthusiastic personality and determination to succeed are what has driven him to make discoveries others have yet to find. Over the course of his career, Marc Beer has made many contributions to the biotech industry with intelligent innovations that have gone on to help thousands of people. In the past, Marc has worked with many other biotech companies focused on pharmaceuticals, including Biotechnology Innovation Organization, Abbot Laboratories, and Genzyme. Renovia is already on the road to success with generous funding and continued growth on all levels in just a few years. Marc has had experience as a leader at his company Good Start Genetics, which has contributed to his success with Renovia. Follow Marc Beer on LinkedIn


Media Communication of The Chainsmokers “Somebody”

On April 24th, Kat Bein, a contributing reporter for Billboard magazine published an article telling of a short in-house video, produced by the Chainsmokers and was released and uploaded onto their social media streams.

Anatomy of a Hit?

Bein started his article by asking the question, “What’s the anatomy of a hit?” He was alluding to all the work that goes into the making of the song, and the unnoticed talent who set the stages, do the heavy lifting, man the consoles, make sure there’s enough room for the fans and a host of other small activities. The short one minute video made on a small framed camera was uploaded onto the Chainsmokers Facebook page late on Tuesday evening in April.

“Somebody” Streams Onto Social Media

This short video had come days after the Official Video and Song, “Somebody” was also released onto several Chainsmoker media streams: YouTube, Facebook. The purpose of the video was to instruct fans about part of the development of their latest new single “Somebody.” The single and Official Video were released onto their Facebook media stream on April 20th, which has over 19M hits so far.

Instructional Video For “Somebody”  

When the Chainsmokers uploaded their one minute video, depicting Drew Taggart and Adam Pall working in their private, home studio, Taggart mentioned that they would upload a more detailed video soon, which appeared on June 9th on their Facebook page.

Rory Kramer Makes Travelling Prequel Video for “Somebody”

That video filmed and edited by Photographer; Videographer Rory Kramer gave a more detailed and intimate view of the things that go behind the scenes. In a sense, the video pretty much answered the question Bein asked at the beginning of his article “What goes into a hit song?” The 4’55” video shows a lot of what Pall and Taggart do every day while on Tour and the people that influence their lives and they influence the EDM-Pop Duo.

The Chainsmokers

Adam Pall and Andrew Taggart first began working together thru a common friend that put them in touch with one another in 2012. They have already produced several Top 10 and #1 hits,”Closer” that stayed #1 for several weeks.

A Glance into the Personal life of Clay Hutson: A Music Producer and Tour Expert Bio

Clayton Hutson is an outstanding individual with a unique personality in the music production and entertainment field. Having being born in Nashville, Tennessee, he is said to have shown interest in music as from a young age has pursued his passion.


Educational background

The popular music producer had his first bachelor’s degree in theater design and technical production at Central Michigan University. Clay then advanced his studies at Stephen M. Ross Faculty of Business where he later acquired a master’s degree in business administration.


Working experience

Throughout the early stages of his profession, Clay managed to work for several recreation companies both as a sound engineer and also a project manager. Among the few prominent individuals and big celebrities that Clay Hutson worked with include Billy Graham’s sound crew, Garbage, Guns N’Roses, Pink and Kid Rock. Additionally, in the 1990’s he worked for Getagrip Touring production as a director and also as the vice-chairman for Ronin Event Creative. Clay has been privileged to direct the renowned Jennifer Nettles and Prince Productions and also stage-managed events for the popular Kanye West.


In spite of his achievements in commercial entertainment, Clay Hutson still chose to commence his very own company; he majorly focused on his old-time hobby, rock ’n’ roll. At the moment, Clay is interested in doing production, design, as well as managing live tours. His past encounters in the entertainment industry have been adventurous. The working experience that he has achieved has made him manage diverse fields such as live performances.


His Existing Gigs

Right now, Clayton is managing the tour “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” for a certain artist by the name Halsey. The singer is planning to visit and do a live-performance in numerous amphitheaters and arenas all over the world. She will make stops in big cities such as London, Las Vegas, Buenos Aires, Indianapolis, Montreal, Jakarta including Singapore just mention a few. The female musicians Lauren Jauregui, Niki, Jessie Reyez, and also Kehlani are likely to be joining Halsey at different stops in the global tour.


Clayton’s Source of Motivation


Besides passion in the entertainment sector, Clayton has persistently presented high-quality work for each one of his customers. The producer and longtime tour director believes considers being diligent in his work, thinking outside the box and also setting up three steps prior to what he intends to achieve as among the things that are making him successful.


Clayton supports the significance of being on par with new technologies and maintaining originality in his productions. He employs acrobatics and even aerial stunts. Professionalism is likewise an essential aspect that Clayton cherishes in most people that he works with. Surprisingly, he enjoys working together with ill-mannered skilled people compared to unskilled Pollyannas.



Clayton depends solely on recommendations by acquaintances and happy clients. Though, he has secured a powerful online presence via his business website, social media and also LinkedIn. Learn more:


Breaking Down Walls with Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall is one half of the band, The Chainsmokers, and together with Andrew Taggart, they are making it a pint to separate themselves from other DJ’s in the industry, one track at a time. While other artists that make EDM music typically focus on bass thumping beats and drops that you seek out and remember for years to come, The Chainsmokers are leaving their mark by putting meaningful thoughts and feelings, accompanied by raw emotion into their music, and it’s working. With worldwide hits such as “Don’t let me down”, “Roses”, and their newest single, “Closer” it is clear that what they are doing is definitely working, and the fans love it.

Alex grew up as an aspiring DJ, and spent most of his time DJing around New York City, taking gigs wherever he could get them. While he did consider it a side job, it was truly more of a passion of his, that had slowly started to turn into a job. One day Alex found himself in an art gallery, and it was there that he had a sudden realization. Alex realized that he was no longer just passionate about dance music, but that it was quickly taking over his life. It was at that time that he decided he would give this a real chance, and see where it could take him, not as a side job anymore, but as a career. It didn’t take long for Alex’s manager at the time, to put him in touch with Andrew Taggart. Andrew moved down from Maine, Alex quit his job, and the rest is history.

So how did two people who never met before, start making music, and eventually come to be who now know as The Chainsmokers? Alex Pall will tell you that it came down to not only their commonality when it came to the music they liked, but primarily their drive and ambition to succeed. Andrew and Alex would work day in and day, typically from 9am to 7pm, with the goal of not only making music, but deciphering, and finding out who they were, as artists.