Purina Beneful Provides Great Choice for Dogs Health and Taste Buds

Finding a great pet food, for a great price is a wonderful treat, when it comes to a dog owner. But, for the dog the ingredients are what count the most. Purina Beneful Originals with real salmon is the perfect solution, for getting a dog excited, when it comes to feeding time. Dogs are delighted by the blend of real salmon mixed with whole grains and vegetable highlights. Salmon is important to a dog’s healthy coat. Purina Beneful Originals with real salmon boosts those healthy benefits by having 23 essential minerals and vitamins to support a dogs complete healthiness and adds to their overall fitness.

Salmon produces the omega fatty acids a dog needs to protect their coat, and Purina Beneful Originals with real salmon delivers in abundance and also helps to supports a dog’s digestive tract. Maintaining a shiny coat, which allows a dog’s natural splendor to come alive, makes this product the ideal choice, for dog owners.

Available at Walmart, for a very low and reasonable cost, Purina Beneful Originals with real salmon comes in a 15.5 pound bag and its priced below $14. This great product is also available through an online purchase, for additional savings when purchasing multiple Purina dog food items.

Purina Beneful Originals with real salmon is made with high-quality ingredients that will tempt the taste buds of any dog. Combined with sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots, it gives a dog all the delicious flavors they want, for enjoying meal time.

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Beneful Premium Dog Food Stands Out

When You Search For Dog Food, Look At Premium Brands First
There is a reason that they call certain brands premium instead of others. The premium brands are actually made in a different way. Of course, premium companies are using better ingredients in their foods. It never occurred to me until reading an article from the Daily Herald that the companies that manufacture premium dog foods are actually paying more money in their production costs in order to get the high quality ingredients in their recipes. The high quality ingredients are not cheap, and they make the food appealing enough to buy for our dogs.

We buy from Walmart the best food for our dogs because we care about their health. We want our dogs to live a long life, and we feel proud that we can help keep them lively and active with the choices of the dog foods that we put in their bowl. Every time I pick up a bag of the premium dog food that we feed our dog, I feel as if I am making a good decision that will lead to the best possible life of my dog.

We always buy Purina Store manufactured products for our dog because we believe that it has the highest possible quality of ingredients in the recipes that they invent for dogs. We’re lucky to have found this premium brand. It makes me feel like I am doing right by my dog when I bring a bag of Beneful home to her.

Beneful does a lot to make their food stand out among all of the brands in the pet store. There are so many varieties of Beneful to choose from that your dog will never get tired of the tastes and textures that they put together. You will be surprised at home savory and delicious Beneful Chopped Blends smells, and your dog will be wagging his or her tail the entire time. Beneful Dry Dog Food Original (https://www.beneful.com/products/dry-dog-food/) goes great with Chopped Blends. We buy Dry Dog Food Originals made with real beef. This is the article from the Daily Herald. More info about Beneful: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beneful

Dog Food Good Enough to Eat? Maybe…

It used to be considered better to feed your dog table scraps than the food sold in the store. Today’s dog food is being made from fresh ingredients that are good enough for humans to eat. The gourmet dog food market has grown 45% since 2009 and continues to grow on Facebook as pet owners are demanding better tasting, nutritious foods for their dogs. Today’s foods are no longer made from the scraps left on meat cutting floors. Gourmet dog foods are blended foods from premium cuts of beef, chicken, lamb, and even duck. Gourmet, or premium dog foods, used to be a specialty item produced only by small companies. But larger corporations have seen the benefit and profit potential of producing their own specialty dog foods. An example of this is Purina’s healthful dog food Beneful. Beneful is a line of dog food produced especially for the discerning pet owner. Purina begins it’s production by inspecting every ingredient that is put into Beneful. Purina is also a member of the Association of American Feed Control Officials(AAFCO), a voluntary group of organizations who work to ensure only the safest of ingredients are used in animal food. To make their commitment to producing safe and healthy dog food, Purina has instituted strong safety and tracking regulations. From the moment the ingredients are approved by their buyers, the feed is tracked and monitored by an on-site team of quality assurance and safety testers. The testing includes constant screening for multiple toxins, and to make sure the food is kept as fresh as possible. The product is tracked until it reaches the grocery market shelf. The painstaking work done is why the gourmet dog food market continues to grow. By placing a greater emphasis on producing a quality, healthy product versus large quantities, dog food producers are developing loyal followers. Premium dog food now accounts for about half of the total market and it appears there will be continued, significant growth in the coming years.