A Global Economic Approach with Mark Holyoake

In the modern economic age, there companies built to help support other companies in the same industry. Oakvest Holdings is one of these in the food sector. Mark Holyoake founded the company to give select companies in the industry a chance to have access to equity and real estate funds when trying to establish themselves. His origins date back to 1995 upon his graduation from the University of Reading. He realized right away that international experience was going to be the most important aspect going into the 21st century. That judgement turned out to be correct, as he describes in a recent Ideamensch interview.

Mark Holyoake is a business man who likes to stay busy. He is frequently working on multiple projects at the same time, each with their own unique sets of challenges. A typical day begins at the crack of dawn and concludes late in the evening. He switches between emailing, research, and client interactions all throughout the day. Each of his clients deserve nothing less than his best. The high quality trusting relationships he has forged played a major in a 2010 deal.

As a foreign investor himself, Mark Holyoake was perfectly aware of the potential effects a global economic crash could have on the world. He knew that small regions would be affected much harder than bigger diverse economies. Ireland was one country who found themselves unable to get up on their own. Mark Holyoake showed up with an unbelievable idea. He wanted to not only purchase Iceland Seafood International, but push an expansion campaign to the rest of Europe. This quickly turned into a massive success for the company, Ireland, and Mark Holyoake’s image as a master of business deals. The company could trade and compete with other businesses already in the region.

Mark Holyoake cites two key aspects to his success. The first being his natural social skills. He enjoys meeting and getting to know individuals since you never know when a connection could bear information or a client. At the same time, the upward swing in the population shows potential yet untapped.

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OSI Industries’ Road To The Top

In most cases, the path to greatness comes with numerous challenges. Whether you’re an athlete, or you’re a company, the road to the top comes with an abundance of ups-and-downs. For the food service industry, this dynamic field of work has a harsh reputation for chewing-up and spitting-out unsuccessful businesses. On the other hand, OSI Industries has defied these dire situations by providing extraordinary products and services. Lets start with food products. OSI Industries has the ability to develop custom foods that are designed to the client’s liking. Image is everything and if your food products do not look appetizing, then you’ll definitely experience a drought in sales. OSI will work with you, the client, and it will utilize the client’s specifications to the highest degree.

Fritters, pot roast, hotdogs, beef patties, Tofu, cooked sausage links, ribettes, chili, pasta, chicken nuggets, steak, cheese, chicken wings, bacon bits, sliced bacon, soups, meatballs and many other foods are all available. Tyson Foods, an Arkansas-based company, offers some of the tastiest of chicken products. In 2016, Tyson Foods’ Chicago plant was taken-over by OSI for $7.4 million. This particular plant will surely serve a purpose as it is in close proximity to other OSI plants. This plant offers upward of 200,000 square-feet of space and OSI has held-on to many of its former-employees. CEO Sheldon Lavin has played a considerable role in the company’s success by bringing-in over 30 years of experience. He has been with OSI for quite some time and it’s looking like he’ll be with OSI for many more years.

OSI Industries’ Toledo, Spain-plant is experiencing higher productivity thanks to the company’s investment of $17 million. This investment went towards purchasing a high-capacity production line in which it has been able to double the plant’s production. Yes, this only touches the surface of what OSI Industries can do as it is looking to continue its dominance for decades to come.

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Entrepreneur Sheldon Lavin Is Honored To Win The Global Visionary Award

Perhaps one of entrepreneur Sheldon Lavin’s most gratifying rewards during his professional career occurred in March 2016. The Vision World Academy of India acknowledged his lifetime of work by awarding him their Global Visionary Award. This organization, which was formed five years ago, hands out their award to business leaders who have been highly successful in turning their vision for their business into a reality.

He received this award because he turned OSI Group, LLC, into a domestic food company in the 1970s into something that now spans the globe. His company earns billions of dollars a year and has 60 facilities in 16 nations in Europe, North America, and Asia. He first had his business enter India in 1995, through a subsidiary named OSI-Vista Processed Foods, and they now offer meat, fruits, and vegetables which have been processed according to the particular requirements of each of their customers.

Sheldon Lavin started out his career in the finance industry. He arranged loans between firms who needed money to fund operations and financial firms who were willing to lend the money. It was through this role that he was introduced to the company that is now called OSI Group. He took a great deal of interest in this company at the time because he could see how they could be so much bigger and better than they were at the time. When he was offered an ownership stake and leadership position at OSI Group he made the fateful decision to leave the world of finance behind and instead become the part-owner, CEO, and Chairman of it.

Under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership, OSI Group makes safety, environmental responsibility, efficiency, and quality the highest priorities of the company. He was quick to expand OSI Group when he took over. He signed up more customers, as at the time their largest client by far was McDonald’s Corporation. After this was completed he set up more facilities in both the United States and Canada.

In the 1980s, OSI Group began to expand into Europe. Sheldon Lavin opened up facilities there and also bought a number of competitors. The 1990s, meanwhile, was all about Asia, especially China. He followed the same pattern he had developed in Europe in order to expand there. He has also partnered with Chinese firms as that is one of the requirements of the Chinese government for companies foreign to China to open up shop there.

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