How Jos AuriemoNeto Made JHSF A Success

José AuriemoNeto showed entrepreneurial tendencies and his leadership qualities from quite an early age. This was best shown by his participation in the International Youth Coexistence in Japan as a teenager. At the age of 17 he began studying Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of São Paulo; at the same time, he was working in JHSF part-time. His father had founded the company and still served as its head. However, that didn’t mean that José AuriemoNeto received preferential treatment; he began working in the parking administration sector and had to work his creative way up the company.

He soon realized that he preferred working in JHSF than he did studying Engineering. He then dropped out of college and began working in the company full-time. He quickly worked his way up the company and was behind some of JHSF’s most lucrative endeavors. One of the most notable of these was when José AuriemoNeto pivoted the company toward incorporation after it focused on different markets for over two decades. Now the market is worth over 90% of the companies profits. But that wasn’t the biggest impact that José Auriemo Neto made on the company. While still an executive in the early 2,000’s, he identified significant potential in the high-income development market.

This led to him creating a multi-purpose facility at ParqueCidadeJardim, something which many people were skeptical about. Built across 80,000 square feet, the development included a luxury shopping mall, residential buildings, gyms, and commercial buildings. With the profits that were made on the development, José AuriemoNeto was able to float JHSF on the São Paulo Stock Exchange. This ended up being one of the most critical milestones in the companies history. But that doesn’t mean that José AuriemoNeto doesn’t have a life outside being President of JHSF. Outside of the company, he spends as much time with his young family as possible. According to many who know him, he tries to be a big a part of there lives as possible and is extremely active in their day to day routines. He’s also been known to be an avid golfer.


Nick Vertucci Builds His Success

Nick Vertucci is an esteemed real estate educators in the country, and he has vast experience in the field. He has built his success from nothing and has learned how to succeed through trial and error. Now he is helping others to learn how to succeed, and he started his Academy so that they could follow his steps to success.

Nick Vertucci believes in all of his students and wants them to achieve their goals just as he did. NVREA is a great way for others to gain the knowledge that they need so that they will have a good head start in the real estate business.

Education is key, and NVREA covers the topics of flipping houses, finding and purchasing income-producing properties. It also gives the opportunity for students to network with professionals in the real estate market who are buying and selling real estate.

Students of the course also learn how to use a self-directed IRA to buy real estate without any money out-of-pocket. Those enrolled in the course also learn how to use other people’s money to fund real estate deals and to create passive and active income investments opportunities. Nick Vertucci teaches how to do all this and more with his 3-step formula: “Get in, Get out, and Get Paid.”

Nick has alraedy6 built his fortune through his technology company, but it ended up going under. He built a second fortune, but it was stolen by his partners. His third company, NVREA, and his true calling was bound to be a success, and now he is able to teach thousands how he has used different strategies to build his own success and to avoid many of the pitfalls along the way. Nick Vertucci shows what it is like to be persistent and to follow your dreams.