José AuriemoNeto Provides Reliable Real Estate Advice

Are you thinking about starting a real estate business? Want to make significant income in the real estate industry? If you need top notch advice or guidance in real estate it’s advisable to get in touch with an expert like José AuriemoNeto.

Getting into real estate is wise decision and can yield significant income if you know what you’re doing. There are many ways to make money in real estate but it’s important to have a knowledgeable professional on your side. That’s where José AuriemoNeto comes in – to show you what works and what doesn’t so you can follow the right path to success.

Th advice of a successful professional can help in getting you on the right track. Anyone who is serious about achieving great success in real estate should consider consulting a successful professional before getting started.

José AuriemoNeto is chairmant and CEO of JHSF – one of the leading companies in the Brazilian real estate market. This reputable company has been around for years and is well recognized in the industry.

José AuriemoNeto helped make the company a huge success in the industry and has also guided many clients to success. José AuriemoNeto has the industry resources and experience to help any ambitious person attain the success they desire. If you want to get advice or guidance from one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the field, then look no further than José AuriemoNeto.

Real estate is a lucratine industry and has create vast fortunes for numerous people around the world. The services of a reliable real estate professional can be helpful in having a good understanding of the industry and reaching your goal. Start by getting in touch with José AuriemoNeto right away.

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Desiree Perez’ role in businesses involving Jay-Z

In 2016, global music and entertainment industry registered $17.2 billion in revenue. The industry is very competitive, and if you are lazy, there is no chance you’ll make it big here. Top leaders in this industry are all men, but you cannot miss hardcore women like Desiree Perez.

She is an entrepreneur, music producer, and talent manager. All of her work proves that she deserves that spot in a competitive entertainment industry.

Desiree Perez, popularly known as Dez by his close friends, is a close associate of Shawn Carter (Jay-Z). For the last 22 years, Dez has been in forefront helping Jay-Z make a move from just a rapper to running a vast business empire.

Like any other business mogul, Jay-z’ empire consists of corporate entities, talent management, concert tour management, and music production among other niche opportunities. He has witnessed success in business, thanks to unrelenting aid from Desiree Perez.

According to insiders, Dez has been helping Jay-Z make big decisions. Dez not only optimizes the opportunities for maximum profits and value for investors’ money, but she also makes sure that every talent under her wings is nurtured to its full potential.

She is a great negotiator. Recently, Rihanna’s Anti-tour netted a deal with Samsung worth $25 million, thanks to Dez’ negotiation skills. The deal mapped Rihanna among the top paid entertainers and music superstars. This is not the only instance Dez has been there for Rihanna.

In 2008, Dez also helped Roc Nation sign a deal worth $150 million with Live Nation and ever since, she’s been among the top delegation that Roc Nation relies on. Ever since, the company has been among the top entertainment companies in the industry, boasting with signatures of the likes of Meek Mill, J. Cole, Rihanna, Shakira, and Big Sean. Dez has helped land better contract deals.

About Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is the Chief Operating Officer at Roc Nation, a position she has been holding since 2009. She is involved in almost every task at the company including management, publishing and labeling programs.

Dez is married to Juan Perez, and together, they are members of Hova Circle of Influence, a powerful collection of investors and celebrities in the music industry.

Dez is married to Juan Perez, and together, they are members of Hova Circle of Influence, a powerful collection of investors and celebrities in the music industry.


Equities First Holdings UK

Equities First Holdings UK is globally expanding. There are offices in US, UK, Australia, China and many other parts of the world. It’s a market where people can get easy stock-based loans or qualify for a margin loan. If you are struggling financially, this is the company to help you with all your money needs.

Equities First Holdings is a leader in obtaining the cash you need. It’s an easy way to qualify for a loan. The low-rate loans are also easy to qualify for and are designed to provide financial solutions and choices in for financial security and growth.

Boraie Development Going To Work On Atlantic City’s Beach At South Inlet

The Beach at South Inlet has already started construction and is looking to be a highly important part of Atlantic City’s future. This development is a 250-apartment complex that’s being built within the blocks of Atlantic, Pacific, New Jersey and Connecticut avenues and the hope is that it will meet the demand of newer generation city workers and fill in some of the voids left by casinos closed down. The chief investors in this property are Boraie Development, a real estate firm who’s worked over the years to change the outlook of New Jersey’s housing and commercial markets. Boraie Development Vice President Wasseem Boraie has said that young consumers want certain amenities with their housing and that Boraie Development is looking to transform Atlantic City’s housing to fill those demands. For more details visit Crunchbase.

According to Patch, just how long has Boraie Development been transforming commercial and residential properties? For more than 40 years they’ve been working to bring a plan that Omar Boraie, the head of the family business conceived when he relocated to the US in the early 1970s. He was working on a doctorate in chemistry at Rutgers University and was looking at buying a house when he looked around the Newark and New Brunswick neighborhoods and saw a city that needed new life. That’s when he decided to become a real estate investor who would renovate properties and bring back business to New Brunswick, even though few people believed he could do that at the time.

Albany Street was where Sam Boraie decided to renovate first. He bought an 8-story building and an abandoned parking garage and began bringing in office space and soon bought more buildings alongside it where he started adding housing. That first building was completed in 1988 and is known as Albany Street Tower One, and by 2003 Tower Two also came up. The first big apartment high-rise to be erected was One Spring Street Condominium, a housing project that most people thought was a waste of money but ended up full of tenants within 2 months. And the Aspire and now the Beach at South Inlet have become remarkable follow-ups to these achievements. Check out his website to see more.

Omar Boraie credits certain companies like Johnson & Johnson for remaining in New Brunswick as the reason he’s been able to undertake the rebuild. He also is an active supporter of several non-profit groups and research studies. Rutgers University Genomics Science Department has the Omar Boraie Chair named in his honor.

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Samuel Strauch Embraces Use Of Bitcoin In Real Estate Industry

In the current digital era, one of the areas that have witnessed a huge improvement in the digital currencies. Commonly known as cryptocurrencies, digital currencies have been the trade of the year. The most popular digital currency is the bitcoin. With bitcoin currently exchanging at over $7000 currently, it has become dome of the lucrative options for many investors. Bitcoin is being used widely in investment, finance, and online transactions. Now the bitcoin wind has caught the real estate industry. Investors are starting to embrace it as a means of buying and selling property.

In one of the recent transactions in the real estate sector, a real estate investor in Miami is willing to sell his property worth $6.5 million in the form of dollars. The house is located in Coral Gables, just outside Miami. According to analysts in the real estate industry as well as those of digital currencies, home listings that will be accepting digital currencies are likely to be very popular shortly.


Samuel Strauch is one of the biggest players in the real estate industry in South Florida. He is the principal of a real estate company known as Metrik Real Estate. He is one of the people in the industry who is keeping a close eye on the way the industry behaves towards the bitcoin trend.

Samuel Strauch who is based at the Miami Beach is ready to take advantage of the opportunities that will be brought about by the acceptance of bitcoin into the industry. Miami is a city a have people of diverse backgrounds. It attracts potential buyers and sellers from all the parts of the world. With the diverse composition of people that it attracts, there is high likelihood that bitcoin will be accepted as a means of buying and selling property.

Bitcoin offers an opportunity to people transacting to facilitate payments in a quick and seamless manner. This is unlike other means of traditional payments where people have to visit the bank and come up and make transactions that are time-consuming and costly. Miami being a hotspot for global real estate commerce offers an opportunity for people to transact huge sums of money very fast.

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Jason Halpern of JMH Development | A Passionate Construction Guru

Jason Halpern was born on 1st January 1975; he is a Director of Parametric Dining as well as the Principal of JMH Development. The company has assets worth $500 million in New York state projects. The developments include an expansion on 184 Kent; a warehouse turned into 340 deluxe apartments.

Jason Halpern with His Wife

JMH also developed the Townhouses of Cobble Hill, adding up nine luxury townhouses to the larger Brooklyn neighborhood. Jason Halpern remains dedicated to building new and modern buildings for rental property, and commercial purposes, all over the New York State.

Jason Halpern’s JMH Development Tops Off Aloft South Beach

The new development announcement took place in New York on Sept. 15, 2014. The commencement of the topping off at the Aloft South Beach Hotel would mark a significant milestone in the entire construction process, signaling the start of the last phases of the project. The Aloft South Beach is a 235-room hotel that was scheduled to begin its operations in 2015 in Miami Beach.

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

The project was handled by Madden Real Estate Ventures and JMH Development. It is a remake of the historic Motel Ankara with a new eight-story tower. The project was done by Plaza Construction and ADD, Inc., architects.

Jason expressed his excitement on the topping off of the deluxe hotel. He specializes in restoring historic buildings. Jason added that the beginning of the project marked a significant milestone in the construction process, as they progressed toward the completing and the grand opening of the Aloft South Beach.

The hotel will provide waterfront scenery with access to Lake Pancoast plus the Collins Canal that wrapped around the property. It is a block away from the shores of Miami Beach, in the heart of South Beach, and close to the Miami Beach Convention Center, art galleries, night clubs, the Bass Museum of Art, restaurants, and boutiques.

The South Loft also has an outdoor pool, a fitness center, roof deck lounge, and a large meeting room ideal for business meetings as well as social gatherings. It also has entertainment from local rising artists and the hottest bands at the W XYZ bars.

DanieldelaVega, AvivSiso, Laura Garcia, LouisBuckworth, ThomasJuulHansen and JasonHalpern

JMH Development

JMH Development is a top real estate development company with significant commercial and residential properties across the U.S. JMH has been a leader in the construction of the most exceptional and strategically located buildings in growing areas like Williamsburg and Brooklyn. The construction company has successfully reconstructed 184 Kent Avenue and the 340 luxury housing in Brooklyn.

184 Kent is named as a national historic building and received the 2011 Building Brooklyn Award in the reconstruction for reuse category. JMH also has several buildings such as The Townhouses of Cobble Hill, in the Cobble Hill area of Brooklyn. JMH takes great pride in building high quality, durable and fruitful properties all over the country.


JHSF and José AuriemoNeto Craft Amazing Developments

JHSF is a real estate company which specializes in high-end income properties. They are a leader in this market and operate in the residential and commercial markets. Some of their signature endeavors are in developing and managing shopping centers, upscale hotels, and an international airport. With their founding in 1972, they have excelled in spotting new business opportunities in the areas in which they operate. JHSF uses a pioneering blend of innovation which has allowed them to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Their Chief Executive Officer is José AuriemoNeto and one significant area of his expertise is his oversight of the company’s extensive shopping and retail portfolio. One excellent example of this type of development is the Cidade Jardim shopping complex in Säo Paulo. This amazing mall is a wonderful place to visit and features an open-air design with lots of beautiful trees. The stores are luxurious, filled with high-end goods, and the decor is beautiful. There are rooftop restaurants where one can dine under the stars.

The CidadeJardim complex was inspired by some of the most elegant streets in the world. The stores are facing gardens with an amazing variety of native flora which truly inspires. The dining opportunities are of the highest quality and are known throughout the world. There are five extraordinary luxury brands available which include Hermès, Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Gucci. The local brands are represented as well along with the international brands.

There are four principal divisions of JHSF and they are Malls, Incorporations, Hotels & Restaurants Fasano and Executive Airport. JHSF, anticipating future market conditions, has successfully switched their focus to high-end income properties. This is in keeping with mature real estate markets and can generate income for decades into the future. As a result, the company’s revenues have increased significantly.

JHSF, under the tenure of José AuriemoNeto, has a strong focus on sustainability. This is a consideration for all phases of a project and demonstrates their concern for the surrounding environment. JHSF also engages in social responsibility projects in neighboring communities which are in close proximity to their developments.

Devco Helps New Jersey Cities Bring Back Commerce

Devco has been helping cities in New Jersey get the help they need to build new projects that range from hotels and casinos to other tourism attractions. There are a lot of towns in the state that are going to be able to build new structures that are going to create jobs, and the Press of Atlantic City has shown that the loans go a long way.

The loans are paid back by the cities because they are looking for ways to build more in the future. Devco manages all the money, and they make sure that the town has ideas that are going to help them make the right decisions for development. The development of the towns in the state is going to save a lot of money for everyone, and it is going to bring jobs to the state. Every city that takes a loan is going to create a lot of jobs for the area, and they can partner with other towns to come up with a great development plan.

There are a lot of people like Chris Paladino who are trying to make sure that they can make jobs in their areas immediately, and they can plan with Devco on how their loans will be used. It is important that every community gets the most out of every loan that they can possibly get, but the only way to make sure that they happens is to use the loans to build large structures that house hundreds of people at once. Devco has all the cash that these towns need, and the company is providing the guidance that these towns need to be sure that they can help their community has more jobs and more income. Tax revenue goes up, and every town can come back to Devco at any time.

Town Residential Aims to Offer the Best

Town Residential is all about providing the very best real estate offerings in the city of New York. The company wants to make sure customers find exactly what they want, no matter where it is or what kind of size they are looking for. From six bedroom homes to studio-like apartments, if it is a luxury setting, Town Residential has it covered. So, for anyone who is looking for the best of the best and wants to live in the lap of luxury, they need a real estate service that is able to provide them this and specializes in it. That is exactly what Town Residential offers.

The real estate market in New York City apartments for rent has been on the upswing for several years now and it seems to improve every single month. While the vacancy rate has sat steady for the last several months, the asking price continues to increase. This is good for home owners who are looking to sell. For buyers looking to move into the market, now is the time, as the prices are going to continue to go up. The blooming economy that is not fixed on overpriced mortgages or lending customers are not able to afford, the value is likely going to increase to at least close to pre-recession prices).

So where exactly can Town Residential help a possible tenant? It really just depends on the kind of property they are looking for and what they want. The real estate agency works in every single market throughout the city. All the renter or buyer needs to do is point out where they wish to live and what kind of property they are interested in. The website showcases many of the newest properties that are highlighted by some truly fascinating offerings.

The company also specializes not only in luxury home listings but also commercial and retail properties as well. For a business looking to open up shop, there are different ways the company is able to do this. Beyond this, if there is a business that is looking to start selling goods and wants a beautiful store front to be able to do this, they can find the perfect location as well. With the help of Town Residential, the perfect property is just a stone’s throw away. They just need to find exactly what is working for them and what is going to make them happy.