Stream Energy: Leading By Example

Did you know that every type of electrical device pulls current even when the products aren’t on? That’s right! Whether it’s computers, televisions, coffee makers, air conditioning units, freezers or any other electrical household devices. Though the actual amount of energy that’s being used is slight, the total amount can add up to a significant amount per year. We’ve all done it before. Leaving the room or house with the lights, fans or televisions on and in full-display. This is called phantom drain and if you don’t preserve what you already have, you’ll end up spending more down the line (


Have you ever heard of Stream Energy? Stream Energy is your solution to saving energy and money. Founded in 2004, Stream Energy is an actual provider of energy, protective, wireless and home services. In other words, it helps you cut down on the total amount of energy wasting. The company actually started out as natural gas and retail electricity firm. Dallas, Texas, is where the company is headquartered, but with such huge success, it has now expanded its services across the nation. This includes the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and in Washington D.C. Founders Pierre Koshajki and Rob Snyder turned this idea into a brilliant reality.


The majority of Stream Energy’s services can be used across this great nation. The only exception to this would be for the actual energy services. To benefit from these services then you would need to be residing in one of the actual selected deregulatory markets. The company has been successful, especially when it comes to reaching the masses. It uses some of the best multi-level marketing methods for achieving the end goal. Stream Energy is setting new standards in energy consumption. At this rate, who knows what this brand will come up with next.