Press Release from Securus Technolgies Reveals the Darker Side of Prison Telecommunication Carriers

The prison system in the United States is a lot more involved than most of us are aware of. Recently, I found out about how some companies appear to be taking advantage of inmates and their families/friends. I was aware that systems are in place to allow inmates to stay in touch with their loved ones, but had no idea how some companies provide these services and potentially rip inmates and their families off in the process.

I found out about charges that have been leveled against one such prison telecommunications provider called Global Tel Link (GTL.) This provider is a big player in the U.S. prison telecommunications carrier industry, and according to a press release from Securus Technologies, GTL has been up to some potentially shady business practices for some time now.


The article I read indicated that Securus Technologies plans to release a series of press releases that will expose some of the more unscrupulous business practices that GTL has been implementing. According to the article, Securus Technologies hopes to expose the repeated cases of wrongdoing in order to “shame” GTL into operating in a more responsible/accountable manner.

It is astounding to think that Securus has enough information about GTL to publish multiple press releases, as the initial article I read seems to show quite a list of transgressions the telecommunications carrier may be guilty of. For example, the article stated that GTL rigged their prison phone systems to tack on an additional 15 to 36 seconds of billable time onto calls. I also learned that GTL allegedly double-billed their customers without any authorization to do so.

No one likes to see a group of people being manipulated and taken advantage of in order for a company to increase profits. The press release from Securus Technologies demonstrates that these are exactly the types of things that Global Tel Link has been up to for decades. The folks at Securus Technologies have done a bang-up job in revealing this important information to the public via this informative article.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.