The Sunday Riley Obsession

The feeling you get when you find a product that works is indescribable. With all the fad products on the market, it’s easy to be swindled out of your hard-earned money for things that shimmer and shine but do not deliver. What if you could find the perfect line of skin care products that satisfy your needs while delivering the product in an undeniably unique way? Sunday Riley has managed to do just that. Winning the hearts of thousands, this company has become an obsession for many.

Sunday Riley was created by none other than Sunday Riley; a cosmetic chemist whose dissatisfaction with the lack of results in current skincare products on the market chose to create her own line of products that deliver results. The launching year of Sunday Riley, the prestigious Barney’s New York showed interest in the line. This huge milestone gave the brand the stepping stone it needed to enter the skincare platform with the big boys. With the help of social media, Sunday Riley quickly turned heads with its ability to deliver results and provide a dose of whimsical imagination at the same time. The classy yet minimal approach to packaging has helped to make the brand a hit.

Sunday Riley is a skincare line that is dedicated to delivering good results for customers. Ingredients like Retinol can make the products seem a bit expensive to the average Joe. However, you’ll be happy to pay a price for the best skin you’v ever had. The brand introduced a line of make up in 2011. Since then, some items have been pulled from the shelves. If it doesn’t live up to the highest standards, Sunday Riley will pull it from the shelves without apology. She is determined to provide her clientele with the best and only the best.