Shervin Pishevar and the Amazing Tweet Storm

Born in 1974 in Tehran, Iran, Shervin Pishevar eventually rose to great prominence as a venture capitalist and entrepreneur. His Sherpa Capital fund is somewhat legendary since Airbnb and Uber represent two high profile investments. Yes, Pishevar puts great emphasis on investing in technology. He sees another value in tech though. After engaging in a 21-hour tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar displays a belief that social media and technology serve as valuable communication venues.

Tweet storms involve using Twitter to fire off one tweet after the other. The multiple tweets usually connect back to a single theme, but this is not always the case. Shervin Pishevar covered many topics during his tweet storm. Bitcoin, the tech industry, and the stock market were among the issues addressed. Although the categories are diverse, they share the common theme of finance. People put money into tech, stocks, and cryptocurrency to make more money. Pishevar presented a few red flags to people with overly optimistic outlooks.

Pishevar warned his followers about possible crashes in the stock market and Bitcoin world. The market experienced volatility, but has shown upward movement in recent weeks. Bitcoin, however, proved to be a disaster in 2018. 2019 isn’t looking too bright either. The value of Bitcoin crashed massively.

The tech industry isn’t the financial powerhouse investors once thought it to be. Apple and Facebook both reveal the dangers of putting too much faith in any tech enterprise. Shervin Pishevar takes his criticism of the tech industry beyond discussions about investments. He worries about the power tech companies continue to amass. He even wants the government to step in and address the monopolistic aspects of the top five tech companies.

His choice to employ Twitter — and launching into a many-hour tweet storm — confused members of the financial media. They don’t share Pishevar’s enthusiasm for Twitter. Perhaps they would prefer he issued a generic, old-fashioned press release.

Opting for a tweet storm shows Pishevar is a forward-thinking entrepreneur. He knows he can reach a more receptive audience through accessing the social media platform. And his actions did lead to coverage on top news websites.

Doe Deere’s Brand of Makeup Known as Lime Crime

In this day and age, a lot of people are tired of the boring monotony that comes with makeup brands. You go down the cosmetic aisle of any store and are met with dozens of different shades of pinks and reds. This is why Doe Deere created her own line of makeup known as Lime Crime. Lime Crime is known for its wild and amazing colors that you are not going to find anywhere else. This is why a lot of people are using the brand and are thrilled with the products that Doe Deere has created.

One of the most amazing things about Doe Deere is that she works to ensure that each and every single one of her products is made using vegan ingredients and is just what you need to feel confident in yourself. Once you make the decision to go with Doe Deere’s company, you will be able to try a myriad of different colors that are great for trying new looks. This is definitely an option for you and can be just what you need to feel confident in yourself. This is the time to change your mind and go with a brand that has great quality products.

One of the reasons Doe Deere has created this line is because of the fact that she was tired of trying all of the different colors in drugstores that were all basically the same. With her brand, Lime Crime, you will be able to find a number of different color palettes that complement your needs quite well. For example, you can find blue lipstick or glitter eye shadow that is made to look neon. These are products you will not soon forget and you will love using them all the time.

Now is the time to give Doe Deere’s brand a try for yourself just because of how beneficial it is and how many people love it for themselves. This is definitely an option for a lot of people and is just what you are looking for in terms of the type of makeup that you happen to be using on a daily basis. There are a lot of reasons to think about switching to Lime Crime and many people are doing this not only for the colors that are available, but also the fact that the products themselves are totally vegan for those who might be interested.


Doe Deere: Who Is She Really?

The five Ws, who, what, where, when, and why can provide insight into any subject or any person. One of the most popular influences in today’s world, Doe Deere, is also one of the most frequently researched and thought about individuals, due to the fact that people cannot get enough of her bubbly personality and anything but lackluster appearance. Whether people contemplate what color her hair is this week or what she ate for dinner, the public simply wants to know more about Doe Deere. Of course, while it might be interesting to hear what Deere did last week, it is also important to establish the basics. So, who is Doe Deere, and why is she so amazing?

Fun Facts about Everybody’s Favorite Color Bomb; Ladies and Gentlemen, the Queen of Unicorns…

  • She was born in Moscow, Russia.
  • If you could not guess, her real name is not Doe Deere–it’s Xenia Vorotova. Yes, she has thought about legally changing her name since 2007!
  • She had a temporary tattoo business in Russia when she was thirteen.
  • She moved to the United States when she was eighteen to pursue a career in music.
  • Her husband’s name is Mark; he is her best friend as well as her ex-music partner.
  • SkySalt was her band and they released a CD entitled, “I Believe in Fairytales.”
  • In October 2008, she established her makeup brand, Lime Crime.
  • The company’s first products included brushes, glitter shadows, primers, and blushes.
  • Her Blogazine remains popular to this day, and Deere loves updating her fans on herself and what’s new for Lime Crime.
  • She has three cats whom she calls “her babies.”
  • Currently, Lime Crime has nearly three million followers on social media, and Deere regularly thanks those Unicorns and what they have done for the company and how amazing they are in their personal lives.
  • Take pictures of your makeup of the day–she loves them and encourages you to do so! Every social media page and the anchor website has a special place to upload your looks and to view the looks of other Unicorns across the globe.

Peeled Oranges Have Angered Twitter Users

Whole Foods is a store that most people frequent when they want to eat a little better and feel a little bit healthier. For the most part, Whole Foods has gotten very good press about who they are and what they offer. It turns out that one little slip up will cause their reputation to be looked down upon.

That’s exactly what happened recently and the problem can be pinpointed to oranges. According to GrubStreet, Whole Foods tried selling pre-peeled oranges. Perhaps these were for the lazy folks who didn’t want to bother peeling them or for those who simply didn’t have enough time on their hands. Either way, the idea flopped, says their lawyer Dan Newlin, a well-known attorney in Central Florida. Newlin believes that part of it was because Whole Foods had to use giant bulky plastic containers to keep the oranges in. People didn’t like this at all and lots of angry folks took to Twitter to voice their opinions.

Whole Foods has since apologized and pulled the product. They realized how foolish it was. One also has to keep in mind that those oranges probably don’t stay as fresh either. This isn’t the first time that Whole Foods was faced with some opposition when they tried a new product. Whole Foods tried selling water with stalks of asparagus in it. From now on, maybe it’s a good idea if Whole Foods just sticks with what they know which is the normal healthy foods that everyone knows and loves.

Jon Urbana’s Tweets Cover A Lot Of Ground

Jon Urbana knows the value of social media. In particular, he is a fan of Facebook, but even more active on Twitter. His active tweets show he definitely wants his followers to stay in the loop on a number of subjects. The founder of the incredibly popular Next Level Lacrosse Camp (Urbana is a former professional lacrosse player) has made 64,000+ tweets and has over 7,000 followers.

Jon Urbana’s tweets cover a lot of ground. The personal side of the man comes out when he shares his interests on a number of topics. Recently, he tweeted a link to a Buzzfeed article chronicling how 21 people discuss the profound impact the late David Bowie’s music has had on their life. Urbana also posted a tweet to his personal blog that deals with the great features of the “New GLS… Mercedes Benz”. Yes, a lot of Jon Urbana’s interests and recollections are revealed on LinkedIn, but even more is revealed on his Twitter account.

Readers even learn a bit about his tastes in music. A tweet linking to his Tumblr account leads to a three-minute video of DJ Angeldemon singing “Rastaman Spirit”. Maybe some of that spirit is what inspires Urbana to be so successful in lacrosse, local philanthropy, and business.

Jon Urbana’s interests are quite varied, no one would argue that statement. His tweets even delve into the topic of food. One tweet leads to his blog entry on spices and those looking for healthy ways to season food will find the accompanying text interesting. Food lovers are also going to enjoy reading the tweet about lobster. The tweet leads to a photo of a lobster meal served in the backdrop of a city by the sea at night. The artistry of the photo is incredible.

And then there is the really intriguing tweet about NASA and the interesting inspiration for the latest Rover, not to mention Paper Navy’s Swan Song. That one is worth checking out. Actually, all the tweets are worth looking at as most are intriguing to say the least.

The Problem of Online Reviews

For Andrew Gruel the launch of his restaurant, Slapfish, was an exciting moment. He had a niche, sustainable seafood, and a style that would make any foodie dance in their seat when the plates arrived. However, he wasn’t perfect and his first few months were rough. Customers went to online review websites like Yelp, Urban Spoon, and Angie’s List in droves to complain about serving sizes and prices. So Mr. Gruel took their complaints to heart and amended his menu, but the damage had been done: the negative reviews were public forever.

Gruel’s story isn’t a rare one and, in fact, it is increasingly common to see companies go into a nosedive because their first few reviews were negative. That is why companies like Status Labs exist. Status Labs, led by CEO Darius Fisher, aim to help businesses and individuals control their public image on the internet. Status Labs is a digital reputation management company and they are almost tailor made to help people like Andrew Gruel and we’ll explain why.

The key to offsetting these bad reviews is to respond to your customers and help them feel heard, respected, and appropriately responded to. With hundreds of reviews potentially going up every month it can be hard for an entrepreneur to sit down and respond to them all. FreedomPop takes the task to heart and they make it their job to respond to all of these reviews almost as soon as possible. Mr. Gruel told reporters that you can “get buried by bad reviews and that you have to “stop the bleeding” — and that is what Status Labs does.

The company opts to respond to bad reviews as quickly as possible in order to resolve and potentially eliminate the negative reviews. This is an important branch of customer service that usually happens in the restaurant. With the popularity of online review websites, however, there has become a very real need for a digital PR branch to help maintain the business. It’s sad but negative reviews, especially int he early life of a company, can turn the tide of public opinion for good.

Status Labs Shows How to Clean-Up Your Google Footprint

How often does a company offer the advice they get paid for – for free?. Yet in the case of Status Labs president, Darius Fisher, he’s doing just that. In a recent article, Mr Fisher clearly spells out five tips to perform a Google name clean-up. Knowing how much trouble a bad digital reputation can be to a person’s career and even their family and social life, Darius Fisher has become an expert in helping persons in a digital crisis. Here are his five suggested tips:

Before you Google yourself, log out of your browser and clear the cache and history. This will give a more accurate view of what others see when they Google your name.
Make sure all your social network profiles have the right privacy settings. Remove any negative photos or statements that you have posted previous to changing these settings.
Create new content about yourself, through a blog, social media bios or press releases. The well-know social media sites rank high on Google, so add info often.
Monitor databrokers like PeopleSmart and WhitePages that scrape the web for your personal information.
Take matters into your own hands by contacting webmasters to have your photo or name removed from websites
Mr. Fisher acknowledges that cleaning up search results and adding fresh and positive content that ranks high on Google’s search takes hard work. But he has been at it for awhile, having served over 1,500 clients in thirty-five countries. Not only is Status Labs an online reputation management service, but also specializes in public relations and digital marketing. With offices located in Austin, New York and Sao Paulo, their clients range from politicians, athletes, CEOs and other public figures.

As an indication of Darius Fischer’s recognition as an expert in digital reputation management and marketing, he will be a speaker at the Impact15 marketing conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada. His presentation is titled “Why the First Page of Google Search is the New First Impression”. He plans to once again share his knowledge of best practices and the SEO along with many other topics. Thanks go out to Mr. Fisher for his help in fixing for others what can seem like an insurmountable task.