Serge Belamant: Innovator And Patent Holder

Serge Belamant is a leader in the world of blockchain technology who will surely become a household name as a result of his many contributions to the financial sector. In fact, he filed a patent for blockchain technology decades ago and was instrumental in the creation of related applications. Let’s look at some of the patents Serge Belamant has filed in the last 20 years.

The Method and Apparatus for Controlling a Gaming Operation patent filed in 2001 by Serge Belamant was developed so that video gaming could occur in non-secure locations without sacrificing security. It’s a system that has a smart card with memory apparatus and secure processing that’s hooked up to a video display. Software that controls the game’s operations and data pertaining to gains and losses is stored in the memory of the smart card. The operations that have the ability to affect the game’s outcome are held in the secure processor, which means it’s not vulnerable to tampering.

Serge Belamant filed the Verification of a Transactor’s Identity patent in 2012 that assigns an identity to each person engaged in a transaction. Additionally, an independent entity verifies both sides of the transaction, which adds to the security level. This is beneficial because financial transactions totaling more than $100 trillion every year occur at a rate of 150 million per second. The Verification of a Transactor’s Identity improves legacy systems that are known to be slow and susceptible to human error.

Also in 2012, Serge Belamant filed the Designation of Electronic Financial Transactions (DEFT) patent. This system offers a way to identify data provided by a transactor, such as passwords and usernames. It also includes the person’s location and other important information related to the transaction. DEFT offers a way to implement a predetermined response based on an identifier. In the event that a transaction is not considered normal based on the identifier, a limited number of transactions is allowed and an alert is issued. On the other hand, a transaction that’s considered normal does not issue an alert or limit the number of transactions.

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The Technological Inventions of Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is the mind behind blockchain technology. Although he is not as well-known as cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum or as technology moguls like Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos, with time, the world will know about his contributions which are as significant as that of the Facebook and Amazon founders. Serge Belamant holds the patents of blockchain technologies since he played a key role in their development using smart cards.

The blockchain technologies that Serge Belamant developed and patented include Verification of a Transactor’s Identity, Designation of Electronic Financial Transactions, Secure Financial Transactions and the Financial Transactions with a Varying Pin. Serge Belamant journey to these achievements is unique. Although born in France, he grew up in South Africa and after high school, he enrolled for an Engineering degree at Witwatersrand University. He switched to Computer Science and Applied Mathematics in his second year in the University. In the third year, he left for the University of South Africa to pursue information systems courses. Just as Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gate, Serge did not finish college too.

It was not easy for Serge to get a breakthrough in the market of technology. When he was starting, he could not even get the banks interested in the Universal Electronic Payment System (UEPS) he had developed. It was until 1995 when his company Net1 Technologies was contracted by Visa to develop a unique application with UEPS technology. This is when he created the Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card, a feature that is still being used by Visa to prevent card fraud. In 1999 he sold his other technology Cash Payment Services to National Bank of South Africa that they used to pay grants to one million people.

Before starting his company, he worked for various companies among them Matric Engineering, Inc where he developed software to analyze the dams’ water levels. He then joined the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research where he achieved various breakthroughs in digital mapping, statistical methods, and creating graphical interfaces. He developed his first financial system at DATABANK. Serge Belamant also worked for The Bancorp as a consultant in risk management and analysis. He also worked at SASWITCH where he invented the National ATM switch.

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