Maarten De Jeu’s Farrell Fellowship Helps get Teens Interested in Science

Maarten de Jeu is the founder and managing partner of SVM Business. Aside from being a successful businessman, he is also the previous co-chair of the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) in Chicago. MSI is the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere. Thanks to the direction of De Jeu, one of their missions is to help educate local teenagers in scientific learning. De Jeu and MSI want to get more teens interested in science, and one of the ways they have done this is through the Farrell Fellows internship. This internship is held during the summer months and takes place over five weeks.
The internship educates high school students in the areas of leadership development, public speaking and of course, science. The students participating in the internship will hone their skills in all of those critical areas. One of the most fun parts of the internship allows the students to brainstorm, create and perform their own hands-on science activity. The activity that is the most creative and fun can become part of the museum itself. Learn more:
In 2014, 40 students that participated in the Farrell Fellows internship created an interactive show called America’s Got Bubbles. The show educated visitors about the chemistry of bubbles. The show was a hit among children and became a favorite among the museum.
Maarten de Jeu is an experienced, international strategy adviser and corporate development specialist. He is a Dutch national that was formally educated in both the Netherlands and Great Britain. He has earned an M.A. in Social Science from Leiden University and has also earned his MBA from the prestigious Said Business School of the University of Oxford.
De Jeu is the co-founder of SpeakUp, a company that provides ethics and compliance solutions for publicly traded companies in Europe. Aside from being the co-founder of SpeakUp, De Jeu is also the Director of Strategy and Corporate Development for Aviva, a company based in Chicago.
Since coming to America, De Jeu has fallen in love with the city of Chicago and has become involved in the community. He has joined various community and business associations in the Windy City which include Chicago Council on Global Affairs, University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy Dean’s International Council and Museum of Science & Industry.

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Marc Beer Finds the Perfect Job at LumeN XT

Marc Beer is an experienced salesman specializing in the medical field. He has played a crucial part in the commercialization of dozens of drugs. He brings to the table over 25 years of experience. His career has been a trail of repeated success stories. He founded Renovia and successfully managed to raise funds with the help of his close friend and colleague Yolanda Lorie. In 2000, Marc Beer was appointed as the acting CEO of ViaCell. ViaCell is a biotechnology company that specializes in the storage and manipulation of umbilical cord blood stem cells for future use. Over a cause of seven years, he has led the company from one triumph to another. The company was able to enlist some of the wealthiest women in its clientele. The company was acquired seven years later after going public with an initial public offer.


While working at ViaCell, Marc Beer was also an active member of the board of directors at Erytech Pharma. Erytech Pharma was at the time a biopharmaceutical company. Prior to founding ViaCell, Marc Beer performed various roles at Genzyme. He was tasked with responsibilities such as the commercial launch of several products that addressed people affected by rare diseases all over the world. During his years working in these different companies, he gained invaluable experience that earned him a spot at LumeN XT as chairperson of the board. Learn more:


Marc Beer’s new role at LumeN XT


Any medical professional would be fascinated by the innovations that are being advanced by lumeN XT. With Marc Beer as the new chairperson of the board, the company is sure to make better advancements in the surgical field. The company has been working to develop tools that can be used to enable surgeons to see the human body without having to use invasive techniques. Should the technology be advanced, many surgeries can be performed without invasive procedures, making them simpler and improving the healing processes.


In an interview, Marc Beer stated that he was humbled to be picked for the position as well as excited to venture into this new creative and innovative field. He expressed his gratitude for the team of dedicated and hard working professionals that he will be working with. The new approach to surgery could make the treatment of certain diseases less life-threatening in-turn, reducing the mortality rate. The company planned to use heat reduction technologies to increase the accuracy of vision by up to 20%. Precise vision also enhances the efficiency of the surgeon as well as the effectiveness of the surgery as an option for treatment. Marc Beer expressed his motivation to push forward with the research and ensure that the best goals are achieved within the shortest time possible. With his excellent record, Marc Beer is sure to accomplish great things at LumeN XT.


Cassio Audi is a Celebrated Financial Investment Manager

Brazil has been experiencing a stagnant economy over the past few years. The economy of Latin America is also increasingly facing numerous challenges. According to the 2018 GDP report, there has been a slow growth of close to 7 percent in the past three years. The Central Bank of Brasil is imposing various measures to reduce inflation by increasing its benchmark for imposing interest rates from 10 percent to 7 percent. New investors are facing challenges when it comes to finding the best investment strategies because of the economic environment. It’s become imperative for investors to get advice from financial advisers who have vast experience in management. Cassio Audi is one such individual. Read more about Cassio Audi at

Cassio Audi Group

With more than 15 years of experience in the financial industry, Mr. Audi has been handling a variety of economic issues in various sectors. He is a skilled and talented financial adviser in multiple businesses such as start-ups, private, as well as public companies. He is also qualified in financial management, resource management, IPO fundraising, investor relations, and controllership. Cassio Audi is also action-oriented and committed to changing people’s lives by investing in their careers. Read more about Cassio Audi at Medium.

Cassio Audi joined University of Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Sao Paulo and graduated with a degree in Business Administration. He studied finance at the Universidade de São Paulo. Audi started his career in finance at JP Morgan Chase where he worked as a stock analyst in1992. He also joined Dow Chemical as the executive financial analyst. Other companies he worked for include Gillette, Proctor, and Gamble, alongside Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners. He also served at Rossi Residencial.

Before taking up a career in finance, Cassio Audi was a drummer for the Viper Rock Band. He contributed to the production of the band’s debut album ‘Soldiers of Sunrise.’ Viper would then receive some criticism from its fans. However, the producer noticed some potential in the team. A little fine-tuning was done to improve their music.


Glen Wakeman busy day at the office and his worst job ever

Entrepreneur Glen Wakeman is a busy man. A typical day for him includes getting to the office and immediately checking the cash totals, sales, and service performance numbers from the previous day. This can take a while but is worth it. Then he meets with his business partners to discuss administrative and management tasks, paying the bills, design revisions, and they divvy up the daily tasks. Glen and his associates also research and review customer inquiries, respond to emails, customer trends, and other tasks at hand that need to be addressed. Being productive is very important to Glen Wakeman so trust, being organized, and dividing up tasks makes the days more productive. He is also influenced by others and needs their feedback when he has new ideas. Some ideas are great, while others are not. Getting feedback helps him make sense of his plans and ideas. Glen is also highly curious. He finds that it is his best trait. Instead of giving up on things easily, he is curious to find solutions and is a great problem solver.

Glen Wakeman has had a very successful and longstanding career in finance and business. He worked for GE Capital in high positions of authority for over 20 years. He is Founder and CEO of Nova Four. Currently, Glen is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at LaunchPad Holdings LLC. With all his success, he would change things and recalls a horrible job from the past. The only job he could get during the summer recession was cleaning an automobile parts factory bathrooms. It was gross and sweaty. He definitely did not like it and found it to be miserable. He had to do it to pay his way through college. Looking back one thing he would do differently would be to keep better track of acquaintances and friends. Whether it’s a group of folks or one person, it could be the difference between your success in business and not. Glen thinks that social media is a great way to keep in touch with people and a helpful tool for business.

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Special Report: The NFL, A Cancer Center and a Laboratory Team-Up To Give Prostate Cancer Screenings in Sept. and Oct.

All men think that they are going to live forever. Unfortunately, there are diseases that will prevent men from living forever and one of those diseases is called prostate cancer.

To make sure that men catch the cancer in time, Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), the National Football League Alumni Association (NFLA) and LabCorp are coming together to get men up to speed on the disease and on how a man can screen for it.

Starting on September 1st, 2017 and ending on October 15th, 2017, men, who are 40 and older and meet the requirements to get screened, should go to the nearest LabCorp or any of the 1,750 that exist in the US and get a Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) screening. The first 2,000 screenings will be free. After 2,000, the screening will cost $25. $25 is a small price to pay for saving a man’s life.

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men as 1 in 7 men can get this cancer in the rime of their lives. In 2017 alone, the American Cancer Society believes that about 160,000 men could be diagnosed with the disease. Experts think that men who are older then 40 have the highest risk of getting the disease. history and race are biggest factors in getting the diseases. 70 percent of Black men could get prostate cancer.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is an organization that fights cancer every day at its five hospitals around the Unitred States. These hospitals are directed from its headquarters in Boca Raton, FL and they are located in Tulsa, Phoenix, Philadelphia and Chicago.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America fights cancer by using the latest advancements in surgery, radiation, immunotherapy, genomic testing and precision cancer treatment. All the treatments are centered around the patient and tries to make the patient’s soul gets healed as well the disease. Patients have giving the hospital high satisfaction ratings.

Prostate cancer is one of the most serious diseases that a man can get. and these screenings should help men in curing the disease.

Cassio Audi Success Story

Cassio Audi is one of the highly accomplished individuals based in the Brazil. For over two decades of experience, Cassio Audi has worked to solve the problems his clients face on many occasions. Cassio Audi is also considered as one of the most prominent result-driven senior financial officials as a management executive in one of the biggest financial companies based in Brazil. Cassio Audi has more than three decades of progressive experience as a financial executive with startups. Cassio Audi has also worked in numerous private and public companies to assist them to realize the importance of developing working solutions to drive results at the end of the financial year.

The success of Cassio Audi is unmatched in the world of finance. Cassio Audi’s experience in the private equity funds led him to achieve more for most companies that sought his services. During that time. He became one of the most sought equity fund management specialists with massive amounts of specific analyst capabilities. This is perhaps why his services were adopted on a massive scale by the multi-million corporations in the country. After working in the private equity funds industry, Cassio Audi went further to work in the globally recognized multi-billion dollar companies as a result of his impressive success in the world of finance and equity funds.

Cassio Audi has a proven track record of success as a proficient agent who looks forward towards developing fast working solutions in a manner that is not paralleled in the business industry. His operations are streamlined towards adopting better growth for companies and management industries. His management skills are always forwarded towards increasing efficiency growth and proficiency. In fact, this is why most companies seek his services as a finance leader. Cassio Audi has the strongest qualifications in implementing and developing working financial processes and controls to change or improve management.

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Omar Yunes: The Successful Franchise Owner Of Multiple Sushi Itto Outlets

Omar Yunes is the owner of multiple franchises of the popular Japanese fast food chain – Sushi Itto. The brand is one of the most well known fast food chains, and a lot of their success can be attributed to the contribution that Omar Yunes has made to the chain. Currently, Omar Yunes owns around ten percent of the total Sushi Itto outlets in the entire country and has brought along numerous innovations to the company, regarding the way the restaurants operate, and also regarding the business strategies that they implement to help the restaurant chain grow and expand. He has been a businessman since a very early age, owing to his first Sushi Itto outlet when he was just at the tender age of 21.

Because of his incredible contribution to the fast food chain, Omar Yunes was awarded by the Best Franchisees of the World Organization. The organization gives awards to franchise owners from around the globe. Omar Yunes was the recipient of the highest grade of awards from this organization, owing to the incredible contribution that he has made, and also because of the standard that he has set for the industry. He won this award in December 2015 and was the only Mexican to be nominated for this prestigious award.

The people who are nominated for these awards are nominated on a global scale, using the highest industry standards. The franchise owners are scored based on their individual contribution, and not of the company as a whole. This prevents large companies from dominating the awards ceremonies and helps them focus on the efforts of the franchise owner alone. Since Omar Yunes has done an incredible amount to make Sushi Itto the company that it is today, he was seen as a perfect fit to be a recipient of this award. Even though he was the winner of something so prestigious, he remained extremely humble even during his acceptance speech. He went on to say that the award was owing to the efforts that all his employees put in to make his franchises the industry leaders that they are today.

Considering Cancer Treatment Centers of America?

People often hear the word “for profit” and loose interest. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are for profit, but this is only because they employee the very best in their filed. That does not come without having to compensate these highly skilled professionals and superior cancer treatments only available through these Centers.

When you walk in to one of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America you immediately know that you are in capable hands and surrounded compassionate providers. It is all about you when you come into the center. Every patient had a custom made treatment plan, after all, no two patients will be affected the same by cancer. A unique approach specific to the individuals needs is far more effective than the one size fits all treatments which render few long term results.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has 5 facilities located for patients across the US to easily obtain treatment. The innovative treatment path that they follow is more than conventional. Methods are immunotherapy, radiation, surgery and chemotherapy to name a few. These approaches are intergraded with integrative therapies that make healing possible. These are, but are not limited to, pain management, fatigue, depression, nausea control, anxiety relief, malnutrition assistance and help with lymphedema.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America cannot promise remission, but they can promise a much better chance of having more time and quality of life throughout the ordeal. They can promise that everything they do will be remission focused so that you or your loved one can have a longer, more comfortable life.

Some Art Collectors Focus On Big Name Artists But Other Collectors Specialize In Oddities

Not everyone can afford to buy $100,000 paintings. Not everyone can afford to buy $1,000 paintings. That’s okay. The real value of artwork is not always measured by the price tag. Art collecting should be subjective first, then objective. What that means is a painting must talk to a collector before the purchase. That may take time. Some collectors study a piece of art for weeks or even months before they decide to buy it. Other collectors see a painting and within five minutes they are walking out the door with it. A few big name collectors like to operate that way. They want to purchase a painting before someone else buys it, so they react quickly. Other collectors like the oddball artists that express themselves in unique ways on canvas. Those collectors may not buy a painting until the oddball effect reaches into their collecting soul and prompts them to act.

Adam Sender, the young, retired hedge fund manager, bought art both ways. Sender had help from Todd Levin, a full-time curator, and thanks to Levin’s help Sender developed an important collection of contemporary art. Sender’s collection was so important that part of the collection was sold for $20 million in 2006, and another part was sold for $70 million in 2014. Obviously Adam had the funds to buy what Levin told him to buy. But Levin didn’t always push Sender to buy big names. Todd gave Sender the names of new artists that were worth collecting. It was a winning combination. Sender collected more than 400 contemporary art pieces, and now he does nothing, but pay attention to the art he didn’t sell.

There is no perfect formula to use when collecting contemporary art. At times, your gut feeling is worth more than a gallery curator’s opinion when collecting.  It could just be the exciting tick you get from being odd.

QNet, Famous Direct Selling Company

QNet, arguably one of the world’ largest and widest-reaching direct selling companies, has recently announced plans to construct and operate a production facility specializing in producing various consumer goods and electronics in India. The production facility is not only predicted to help out nearby inhabitants of India in finding jobs, as it will also help spark the local economy around the plant. Virtually any other businesses who interact with India’s branch of QNet will experience cheaper prices because of the economic stimulation caused by the construction of the production facility, along with any businesses who are in close proximity of the production plant.

QNet’s direct selling business model is very different from other business models that are frequently compared to direct selling, such as pyramid marketing schemes and multi level marketing ploys. Direct selling is different in the way that direct selling is one hundred percent ethical, legal, and morally sound, while multi-level marketing and pyramid marketing schemes are not. Direct selling is commonly misconstrued as multi-leve marketing or pyramid schemes, but that is simply not true. QNet’s direct selling business model is pure genius, and has proved to work excellently for the company.

QNet currently operates in excess of one hundred countries, spread all throughout the world. QNet’s business model allows independent representatives to work virtually from wherever they want. Nobody that works for QNet is required to work in a specific area – people could work on the sidewalk of a different city every day, if they wanted to. QNet has also caught on to many good ideas by paying attention to suggestions that individuals or employees may have, and may take them into production. A strategy as flexible as QNet’s makes it difficult to fail as a business.

QNet offers a variety of products for sale, including nutritional supplements, accessories, weight loss products, and home care products. QNet’s wide ranging portfolio allows them to capitalize on opportunities in many different markets. After all, diversification is a key to success in the financial world.

Mr. Dave Osh, the current Chief Executive Officer of QNet, has helped lead QNet to such resounding success in the direct selling industry. Direct selling companies must offer incentives and motivate their independent representatives to sell more products, or else they might not experience success. Fortunately, the independent contractors of QNet are able to advertise and market their product(s) however they see fit, whether it be social media, or knocking door-to-door to sell products. QNet, along with Mr. Dave Osh at its helm, has stayed afloat and performed as one of the best direct selling companies in the world. QNet’s first largest spurt of growth came around 2003, and just look at where the company is now.