Talk Fusion Video Chat Support Communication across Different Browsers

In the modern world, we continue to experience more and more collaborative workforce. All-in-one communication solution that can provide data, video and audio transmissions are critical in addressing current workforce. While there are many solutions in the market, but most of them are characterized by compatibility issues. They pose problems to users with different operating system and devices. However, Talk Fusion Video Chat platforms enable face-to- face communication anywhere and with anyone. For its superior product and achievement in the Web Real-Time Communication Talk Fusion Video Chat was awarded the 2016 WebRTC Product of the year.


Talk Fusion Video Chat was recognized because it provides a solution that supports browser-to-browser video chat and voice calling without the need of internal and external plug-ins. Talk Fusion technology allows companies to deploy business communication solution knowing that all users are using compatible browser. According to Dr. Jonathan Chen, director of IT Talk Fusion, technology is useful if it helps solve real problems. From the beginning, this philosophy has been guided the production of Talk Fusion products and services. Starting from Video email, video blog, video auto responder, video newsletter, and video sign up form, video conferencing, live broadcasting, and now the video chat. Visit to know more about Talk Fusion.


Since the official launch of Video Chat few weeks ago, the application has become top communication program across the world. According to survey results from Android Market Discovery, Video Chat is ranking in the first position in Indonesia, and fifth place in Japan. Video Chat has enjoyed such instant popularity. Apart from solving compatibility problem, it is faster and smarter. Concerning HD quality, there is nothing like it in the market.


Talk Fusion success is just beginning, and the company does not intend to slow down. The company launched highly anticipated 30 Day Free Trial and international excitement is building up. According to Alexa web ranking, Talk Fusion has vaulted more than 30,000 positions due to astronomical jump in traffic from both page views and unique visitors.


Talk Fusion was established in 2007, by a former police officer, Bob Reina. Currently, he is the CEO. Talk Fusion has set an excellent reputation due to its adherence to highest ethical business practice and a strong commitment to giving back to the community.