Will Lovaganza Be A Game Changer?

There is an upcoming event called Lovaganza. Readers may have heard of this through the winds over the past several years. The event was originally designed to launch in 2015, but the emergence of new, improved technology pushed designers to waylay unveiling. This is likely a wise move, considering what Lovaganza has boasted as reported by a recent Yahoo Finance press release. Apparently Lovaganza will feature 3-D without the need for any kind of glasses. The technology involved in that is hard to imagine, but it certainly wasn’t available in 2015, and so it makes a good deal of sense that Lovaganza pulled back on deployment for a few years.

They’ve started a new plan at Lovaganza, and that involves a traveling showcase to take place in 2017. That showcase will include the new, improved 3-D innovations promised in the four month exhibition of 2020. By the by, that exhibition is going to be featured in eight strategic locations across the world, and last for four months. The idea on j-scott.com is to get as many of the people of the world through as possible. Exhibitions will take place, there will be live events, interactive media, and the new cinema option which is three dimensions, but doesn’t require glasses. America, Asia, Africa, Europe, The Middle East, and Oceania all represent regions where Lovaganza festivals will take place.

Reminiscent of the World’s Fair events of yesteryear, marketing has started vamping up with a vengeance in the twilight before the dawn of next year’s traveling show. Currently, there’s a trilogy of films planned that will be feature-length and showcase the new technology. Principal photography on these films has already been completed on several continents.

The production of a feature film is no small feat, and requires countless man-hours and countable dollars that are usually in the millions. It’s hard to guess what the cost of this new technology, and its innovation, will mean to the filming process of Lovaganza.

Lovaganza is set to be a huge event that will be historical in its scope. The cultures of the world will be celebrated, and technology will be featured that will hopefully boggle the mind. Whatever happens in the next several years, it’s clear that Lovaganza has already generated exceptional interest. Being featured in a press release on Yahoo Finance certainly isn’t something seen in a casual festive effort. Neither is a worldwide traveling pre-event marketing putsch, or a four month global show. Lovaganza promises to be amazingly intense.

Learn more about Lovaganza: http://www.lovaganza.com/the-foundation.html

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.