Class Dojo Raises Additional Equity

In today’s challenging economy that often requires two working parents, it is getting more and more difficult for parents to stay on top of their kids education. Since most parents do not have the time for regular classroom visits, there is little time for parents to get direct communication from teachers regarding their child’s progress. While having regular face-to-face communication is often challenging, parents could take advantage of a new application provided by Class Dojo.


Class Dojo is an online portal and application that provides parents with the ability to get as much up-to-date information that they could need. The application allows a teacher to post as much information as necessary including a class schedule, homework assignments, recent grades, report cards, and any other information that may be requested. All of this information will give a parent the ability to get a full understanding of what their kids are learning on a daily basis as well as what their progress is.



While getting regular information is beneficial, it also provides a means for communication. The online portal will allow a parent or teacher to send a message to either the teacher or another parent. The portal also has a message board that allows parents to discuss what is going on in the classroom and allow parents to introduce themselves to the rest of the parents. Thus far, the program has become very popular with schools and parents across the country. While it just started in 2011, the application has recently announced that it is being used in over 85,000 different schools across the country.



While Class Dojo has provided plenty of great services to parents, students, and teachers in the past, it appears that the company is poised for growth. Earlier this year the company announced that it had recently completed a new round of private equity and venture capital funding, which has provided the company with a $21 million valuation. With the newly raised equity the company will focus on continuing to improve the application and software by incorporating new concepts and services. To do this, they will need to hire more employees that are experienced in software design and management. The company will also focus on continuing to market the application to get it into more and more schools across the world.

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