Class Dojo Started Off With Great Success

As a relatively new platform, and shortly after releasing, Class Dojo has managed to achieve high levels of success. Two former teachers teamed up together to build an application to better the overall quality of education worldwide. Within the short amount of time the program has been available, Class Dojo has been changing the way teachers and parents are able to communicate and educate students in school. It has also improved the quality of many school environments into more positive ones. Seeing such wide use in such a short time with a heavy and competitive market is remarkable by today’s standards. This is partly due to the companies unique approach and entirely free software, which has enabled them to reach schools all over the United States. Even though Class Dojo has a humble beginning, they have managed to surpass the majority of other companies that came out much before them.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don are two former teachers who co founded Class Dojo together. They noticed some issues that were not being addressed in the school environment and decided to take action. Most of which was the severely lacking levels of communication not only between parent and teacher, but for students as well. Most children today are responsible for the communication that happens between their teacher and parent as well as themselves. This is very problematic when discussing things such as performance and overall progress. While teachers can arrange meetings with parents, it is usually only once per semester or quarter, which leaves too much information left out. The founders of Class Dojo believed communication needed a big improvement and that it might be possible with the right tool. Class Dojo was built to fill a gap in the current age of schooling, which is communication.

Once the app was finished and ready to be used, the next challenge for Sam and Liam was spreading awareness in order to get Class Dojo into more school rooms across the world. This is difficult when one considers the number of schools and how many competitors there is on the market for educational tools. Still, Class Dojo had appealing innovations of its own that allowed it to reach the limelight, and today the platform is being used by nearly two thirds of all schools within all of the United States.

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