Dan Bethelmy-Rada dedication to the success of L’Oreal Company

Dan Bethelmy Rada has scaled through the heights of career growth and development at L’Oreal company. She has held various leadership positions at the company while helping the company achieve success in key competencies in its products division. Her first professional job at the company involved working as a product manager at Lascad. She dedicated herself to the marketing of products as she honed her skills considerably. Her passion and dedication paid off as she got promotions to serve in other departments within the company. Dan Bethelmy Rada has risen within the company to the positions of the director and vice president of Garnier International. Dan’s work in Garnier involved the development of Fructis hair brand and skin care. She was instrumental in the event of Garnier International as the leading organization in antibacterial care in Europe.

Dan Bethelmy Rada Educational background

Dan Bethelmy Rada was raised in Paris where she attended school. She has a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a Masters in International business, qualifications which have enabled her to make a significant breakthrough in the industry. Dan Bethelmy is passionate about photography and traveling. She has moved and lived in many countries. She says that the traveling experience has enabled her to appreciate many cultures and how to live with people from different backgrounds. Dan Bethelmy Rada also says that she has learned that success is a broad subject that cannot get measured from one perspective.

Her interests and secrets to success

Dan Bethelmy Rada welcomes the trends in the new marketing strategy of using the internet. She states that the new technology has come to revolutionize the way business operates. She says that for business to achieve the success they must use the social media platform such as Instagram and Facebook in the marketing of their products.

Dan Bethelmy says that some characteristics have helped her succeed in her work. Some of these characteristics and values include having ambition and desire to achieve, regular communication with the team members on the progress of the projects and prioritizing on the plans to accomplish first. She encourages the entrepreneurs to work diligently and work towards the achievement of their goals if they want to achieve in business. She also urges entrepreneurs to know the current trends in their areas of operations.

Find out more about Dan: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/dan-bethelmy-rada

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