Do You Need A Great Sales Pitch In Less Than Ten Minutes? Edwin Miranda Can Help

The great sales pitches are done in less than ten minutes. Your goal is to say what you need to say and make it memorable. Make it something the investor wants and does believe in.

Edwin Miranda has a few simple suggestions that you might want to consider.

1) According to Edwin Miranda, nobody cares about the details anymore. The technical stuff is boring to most people unless you are a tech geek. According to Edwin Miranda, you have to get right to the nitty-gritty. What benefit does your pitch offer?

Can the person do something without leaving the comfort of their home? According to Edwin Miranda, that is your selling point. Start with that and let your product do the selling for you.

2) According to Edwin Miranda, you have to connect with your audience. Does your marketing product have benefits for a stay-at-home mom? Sell that. Remember that your audience needs a reason to buy the pitch you offer. Is there an investor in the room who is a stay-at-home mom? Find a way to connect on that level. Make it about them in less than ten minutes and you have a win.

3) You have to back up the claims you make during the meeting. It is helpful to include some stats. Some investors do not believe in something unless they see the proof. You could have one of those people in the room. Find a hook and sell your talking points. Show stats of customers who have already benefited from the product. Some investors are more likely to say yes if they see the numbers in front of them. Investors care about the numbers. Your customers do not.

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