Fighting For Human Rights

In 2013 there was a conference regarding human rights in Oslo Norway. Thor Halvorseen was the person who was hosting this gathering. Halvorseen who is so obsessive about his cause, gets himself imbedded in international strife. This has put him in contradictory position fighting for the rights of others. He holds the conferences in Norway because his family is from there before they migrated to Venezuela.

At this years conference there were fifty seven countries discussing ways to overthrow tyrannical leaders. The conference was called “Davos of human rights”. He becomes a little annoyed when describe as a moderate but, insisting as he put it, a ‘classical liberal,” whose only pursuit is human rights. His New York chapter has only one plan and that is to fight oppressive leaders all over the world. Halvorsen wants to make sure that citizens are treated fairly worldwide.

In 2005 the Human Rights Foundation was established by Thor Halvorssen, he is also the President. He is the same person who spoke for human rights in Oslo in London in 1989. Before he began the Human Rights Foundation, he was co founded the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, here he also served as the Executive Director and CEO. His opinions and views on this topic has appeared in many prominent newspapers around the world.

Halvorssen was born in Venezuela, but will not return because he might be arrested. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, holding degrees in history and political science. He knows how imperative it is for the protection of human rights. There was an incident in 1993 when his father who was an ambassador at the time, was held in a Venezuelan jail against his will. His father was badly mistreated by the government regime, then only gaining his freedom because Amnesty International took up his plight.

Also, his mother was fired upon by the Venezuelan government, at a peaceful rally when gunmen shot into the crowd, leaving a lot of casualties, killing one person. This action was televised for all of the world to see. Thor Halvorssen’s first cousin, who is a politician is now in prison in Venezuela.