FreedomPop Is Shaking Up The Industry

Unless you’re frequently running around town trying to feed of someone else’s Wi-Fi, you’re like most people. You pay for your internet access every month, praying for the ability to somehow use your fast internet without having to pay for it. Your prayers could be answered with FreedomPop, a free mobile and internet service provider who has been messing with the typical service model for more than five years.



While FreedomPop may not be right for everyone, it offers free service or very cheap options that could fit anyone’s budget. Their claim to fame is the completely free cell service they offer. This free service gives customers 500MB of data, plus 200 minutes and unlimited texting. This service requires absolutely no contract, no cancellation fees, and no end-of-the-month random fees.



The allotted data isn’t the largest allotment out there, so the plan shouldn’t be used by people who frequently use data for music, video, or social media. When you get down to your last 100 MB of data for the month, FreedomPop automatically charges you a $10 fee to “top up.” Users do however get the opportunity to opt out of the “top up” charge before it happens. If you happen to go over your allotted data for the month, you will be charged. This service is only free for one year, but is only $10.99 each month for the same exact service after your year is up.



If you’re using the free service, there are three different ways you can increase your monthly data allotment. You can pay two cents per MB of additional data, invited friends to use FreedomPop to get an extra 10 MB per month, or complete offers to earn some extra data.



FreedomPop also offers additional plans at low costs. Their $5 per month plan offers users the ability to feed off of over 10 million Wi-Fi hotspots around the country for their voice, text, and data. This is a good choice for those who live in or close to cities.



Their $10.99 per month plan offers users unlimited talk and text with 500 MB of data. You can also choose to use the talk and text over Wi-Fi or their cellular network (Sprint’s network). You receive your first month free for signing up for this plan, and it uses the same automatic “top up” method as their free service.



For $20 per month users can receive unlimited talk, text, and data. However, if you use more than 1 GB of data, the data speed will drop from 4G to 3G, not guaranteeing the fastest network access. This plan tends to be the most popular of the bunch.



Their internet options include three different plans. You can receive 500 MB of data for free and only uses 4G networks. For $3.99 per month, you can receive the same amount of data over both 4G and 3G networks. For $19.99 per month, you can receive 2 GB of data.



FreedomPop is a startup company that is completely changing consumers’ ideas about mobile carriers and service providers. They are shaking up mobile carriers who charge a premium for services offered by FreedomPop for a fraction of the cost.




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