Gino Pozzo, The Watford Football Club, and The Fan

Gino Pozzo, owner of the Watford Football Club in England, desires more fans. He has built a resume for success starting with less visible clubs to guiding the Waterford F.C. to being on the brink of dominance. The mindset of this outstanding leader is one that fans can follow.

Gino is slowly rising with the reputation as one of the most forward-thinking club owners in Europe. It is rumored that he is the mastermind behind his family’s empire. In fact, it is reported that he is the force behind the family’s purchase of the Granada F.C. Based on his leadership, Gino Pozzo has led the Pozzo family to be the only football family in the world to own three clubs at the same time, with teams in Italy, Spain, and England.

Behind the scenes, he is jokingly known as the prodigal son. His aggressiveness as a recruiter and trader with the clubs prompted one of the leagues to change the rules and clamp down on the parameters for recruiting and trading. His smarts, proven by being a Harvard graduate, has guided the Pozzos family to have a solid business model which is making the Watford Club an attractive product for fans. This model reveals itself on the field by assisting coaches and managers to ensure that they are armed with the necessary support to attain success without disrupting the infrastructure of the organization.

Pozzo’s business model has increased his passion for football and is identified as the real reason for not only his success, but also the success of the clubs. The ultimate desire is to have a product that fans can be proud of, but it all starts internally. It is exciting to know that someone has taken focus, desire, and success personally, and that someone is Gino Pozzo.

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