How MB2 Dental is Helping Hurricane Victims

Mb2 Dental has launched a financial aid campaign after the horrible hurricanes in Texas. More than 40,000 people have lost their homes or have had their homes ruined. MB2 Dental has been collecting various forms of aid to help out poor people who have been devastated by the hurricane. In fact, they have already raised $83,000, though they still have a goal of reaching $100,000. They also accept various other forms of aid, including food and clothing. MB2 Dental is already distributing the aid to people who need it.

Dr. Chris Villanueva is the head of MB2 Dental. He said that right after the hurricane, they rushed to make sure that they can treat patients who need emergency help. They also made sure that they have a way to help out the communities in need.

Dr. Chris Villanueva said that many employees were also affected by the hurricane. When he saw the pictures, he was devastated. He knew that he had to do something to help protect the employees. He said that all businesses have ups and downs. The most important thing, however, is to make sure that everyone bands together in order to help out each other and continue building each other up.

Many employees of MB2 Dental lost their homes. MB2 Dental is accepting donations at their offices, at their affiliates, and online.

In related news, Sentinel Capital Partners is making an investment in MB2 Dental. They realize the potential of MB2 Dental and are partnering with them. They hope that many more dentists will start joining them as well.

MB2 Dental is a unique company, simply because it operates differently than other dental organizations. Most organizations focus mainly on profits and do not take the needs of the individual dentist into account. Dentists who want to take advantage of the resources of the corporate dental companies need to adapt to the various regulations and rules that the corporate dental firms place on them. These rules sometimes hinder their business and prevent them from operating at their full capacity. MB2 Dental was founded by dentists, for dentists. Their goal is to give dentists the resources of corporate dental firms while still providing them with the freedom to operate as a private practitioner would be able to. In other words, they know that the patient comes first, before profits.

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