How to Keep Your Face Healthy and Thin Using Massages

When it comes to your health, skin care is important, but caring for your muscles is also very important! Even your face muscles. All those facial expressions use every muscle in your face to form, so sometimes your face can get sore or tired.
Watch Wengie’s Complete Face Massage YouTube Tutorial on how to massage your face to get a thinner, healthier look.

Here’s what facial massages can do for you:

Help reduce sagging skin
Helps you get a brighter complection
Improve dull skin
Helps with discoloration and aging spots
Eye bags
Puffy eyes
Reduce bloating
Remove toxins

That’s a lot of benefits for just a simple massage!

Here’s what you’ll need to start your in-home facial massage:

A tool to massage with
Facial oil or cleanser

When massaging your own face, you need to make sure of a few things:

Make sure you use the right tool!

If you do not use the right tool, it can be really harmful for your skin.

Make sure your skin is well lubricated

This will ensure that you don’t pull or damage your skin while massaging it.

Make sure to avoid open sores!

You don’t want to massage over a scar, pimple or zit because it will really aggravate it and will hurt quite a bit.

To get the oils and products Wengie uses to help keep her skin smooth and lubricated while massaging, follow these links:

DHC Oil Cleanser
Organic Hemp Seed Oil
Cold Pressed Olive Oil
Organic Rose Hip Oil

Next is just a few things to keep in mind while massaging:

Apply light, even pressure

Too much or too little pressure will result in it either not working, or it hurting.

Use your other hand to keep your skin taught so its smooth and easy to massage

Your skin has to be taught, otherwise it will hurt if you catch a wrinkle while massaging.

Work from the top down

You want to move all the toxins from your face down into your body so your body can do its job and push the toxins out.

Now it’s time to get to work!

Work the oils on to your face before beginning
Start scraping your forehead in an upwards motion
Move on to your eyes
Scrape the underside of your eyes, then your cheeks up toward your ear
Massage your chin last, pushing the toxins down to your neck so your body can flush them out
Ten minutes later: Done!

The next step in this process:
Go to the video and watch Wengie do it herself! It is indescribable the way she works her magic with her Unicorn Face Massaging Stone and gets her beautiful face shape and healthy skin.


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