Instagram Adds Mute Button

Nothing is more annoying than, streaming posts of things you do not care about on your Instagram feed. For this reason Instagram is now adding a mute button that will ultimately eliminate this annoyance. Many people are actually friends in “real life” with these annoying posters who seem to want to post anything and everything that they are doing.

The beautiful thing about this mute button, is that you do not have to unfollow or block a person because they like to annoyingly post everything they are doing. The mute button simply allows you to stop seeing their posts on your feed, and it works without having to unfollow your friend, which can cause a big issue in reality. The mute button will just eliminate the person you choose to mutes feeds and posts online, so you can only see the things that actually matter to you.

The user you choose to mute, will have absolutely no idea that you muted their stories and posts, which will allow for smooth sailing and no conflict. If you do not want to waste your time scrolling through the many annoying posts of selfies, meals, quotes that you really cannot relate to, and the many annoying pics of pets that you have seen for the millionth time, than this mute button will be a lifesaver for you. Ultimately you can go through your friends list and figure out who actually posts meaningful things and who you would like to mute, so you are not wasting your time looking through uninteresting posts. All hail the mute button!


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