Isabel dos Santos Becomes the New Unitel’s Administrator

Isabel dos Santos has made great strides in the telecommunications industry in not only Angola but also globally including Portugal. She is one of the most respected businesspersons globally because of her contribution to the industry. Isabel has worked for a long time as the President of Unitel, her vehicle in Angola’s telecommunication sector. However, her leadership took a new turn earlier this year after the shareholders decided to do an overhaul of the management of the telecommunication giant.

Isabel dos Santos retained her slot in the company’s board. She lost her seat as the company’s President that came with executive powers, including making crucial decisions on behalf of the company. She would take the position of the company’s administrator in the new team. The shareholders, however, reiterated that there was no bad blood between them and her team. They insisted that the change was healthy for the company’s democracy that offers everyone an opportunity to take the leadership position.

The shareholders took time to thank Isabel dos Santos and her team for leading the company despite many challenges associated with the telecommunication industry and the economy in general. Miguel Geraldes that worked with Huawei from South Africa would take the Managing Director’s position. The experienced executive brought admirable expertise from the giant telecommunication company that would benefit Unitel significantly.

Sonangol and PT Ventures proposed his nomination that the shareholders withheld unanimously. The two companies, together with Vidatel and Geni, are the primary shareholders of Unitel with each having a 25% stake. Anthony Dolton handed over the Managing Director’s office officially to Miguel on May 6, 2019. It was a double blow on the side of Isabel dos Santos. Vidatel, her company, and Geni, owned by de Leopoldino Nascimento, better known as Gino, had a court ruling to obey.

The two Unitel partners would pay the Brazilian shareholders their divided arrears amounting to 600 million euros. Geni’s boss would take over as the chairperson of the meetings of the new regime. Isabel dos Santos continues to contribute to Angola’s economy in different sectors, including media, infrastructure, mining, and hospitality, to name but a few. Her passion for helping the needy through various charities is admirable.

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