James Dondero Spreads His Business Knowledge Around

James Dondero is taking on a new position at NexPoint Residential. Mr.James Dondero of nexbank.com will serve as the chairman of the board of directors, and he will help guide the company into its next phase of business. James has been connected to financial companies in the Dallas area for decades, and his expertise will help NexPoint Residential offer needed services to its customers.

#1: What Does NexPoint Residential Do?

NexPoint Residential is a holding company focused on middle-class developments that have an upside. There are many neighborhoods in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that are ready to be upgraded, and NexPoint aims to take on as many of these properties as possible. Each property NexPoint has taken over has seen a massive uptick in value, and there are more properties around the American southeast that NexPoint manages.

#2: How Does Mr. Dondero Contribute

James’ knowledge of new credit asset classes helps businesses invest their money wisely. NexPoint Residential uses its assets to investment in new properties, and the credit asset classes James is an expert in will help NexPoint make more out of their money. James Dondero is an investment guru who understands how to use just a few dollars into something that is brilliant.

#3: How Are James And NexPoint Connected?

James is the chairman of NexPoint Advisors and NexBank. He is majority owner of the bank, and the bank is affiliated with the investment arm that is known as NexPoint Residential. This move helps to consolidate the properties that fall under his leadership, and adding Arthur Laffer to the board helps bring another financial expert to the table with James.

#4: What Are NexPoint Residential’s Goals For The Future?

NexPoint Residential plans to expand beyond its Texas roots, but the company needs strong leadership in order to make that happen. Allowing Mr. James Dondero to ascend to the top of the company allows him to manage the company in conjunction with his own Highland Capital Management group. The two companies together can make waves in the residential sector, and his expertise will help make NexPoint Residential a go-to business for people searching for homes.

Highland Capital Management helps companies finance their projects, and NexPoint Residential will help middle class American purchase new homes. The potential for a revolution in the real estate market is large, and Mr. Dondero wants to build up the real estate business before passing it on to someone else.

The appointment of James Dondero to the board of NexPoint Residential helps unify his businesses under a single umbrella of leadership. Expanding NexPoint beyond Texas takes quite a bit of knowledge, and James’ leadership will help move the company forward properly. There are billions of dollars in assets under the control of James Dondero, and he has proven over the years that he can manage all these assets properly.

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  1. Simon November 14, 2016 at 8:11 pm

    Simply handing the keys to a real estate expansion makes sense for his family of companies. His own Highland Capital Management firm has made billions in new credit asset classes. I well know for sure that if I do my assignment it is going to bring a lot of relief for me.

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