Jason Hope: We are in the age of IoT

Jason Hope is a lover of technology and one of the generous philanthropist from Arizona. He was born in Scottsdale and attended Arizona State University’s W.P Carey School of Business, from where he graduated with a Master in Business Administration. Hope is renowned for making correct predictions on tech trends of the future. In the past, he has made some predictions that many experts in the tech industry thought to be unrealistic. However, time has always proved him right since his analysis comes out correct. A good example is his prediction on the Internet of Things (IoT). Hope is one of the early commentators of IoT.

Internet of Things

IoT is the ability of electronic devices to connect and share information with each other. This means that these devices will function with little or no influence from a human user. Jason Hope predicted the coming of this technology a long time ago, and now this technology is a reality. Already we have seen many electronically operated equipment apply the power of IoT. Hope gives the example of the airline industry where a substantial number of companies have invested millions into IoT related research. He also believes that going into the future, every company in the world will have to embrace this revolutionary technology.

The future of IoT

Jason Hope opines that we are only witnessing the initial phase of IoT. In coming years, a lot more shall be visible as more companies invest in research and application of IoT. According to research done by “Gartner,” over 25 billion devices that support IoT will be in circulation by the year 2020. We will also start witnessing the development of smart cities as IoT takes shape in all aspects of domestic and industrial sectors.

Jason Hope, who works as an adviser on the influence of technology in business, believes that the competition for the best IoT products among the biggest manufacturers in the world will lead to rapid growth of this technology. Companies are trying to outsmart each other, and in the process, advanced ideas are being implemented. IoT Futurist Jason Hope Parallels Challenges of Cryptocurrency and IOT as Industry Values Rise

Jason Hope agrees believes that the age of the Internet of Things is now!

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