Jeremy Goldstein Brings Professional and Personal Touches to Corporate Law

Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates is a law firm that focuses on compensation coupled with the rules around large corporate governance. Jeremy Goldstein is one of the partners in this unique group. His education runs from the University of New York to Cornell with a stop in Chicago. He has a broad base of experience and training to pull from, and combining that with his fellow associates gives his law firm a unique ability to expertly handle and provide guidance in this area of corporate law successfully.


Corporate governance is a multi-pronged subject that involves all levels of personnel from the CEO all the way down to the most part-time employee. The practice of this type of self-government protects the corporation with layers of transparency and openness. The rules that are established with a corporation’s ability to govern themselves will affect their business, employees, and clients. Having a law firm assist them with the legal requirements and recommendations will help keep the corporation fluid while still being under the umbrella of the law.


Jeremy Goldstein brings to these corporations over two decades of experience handling a variety of business models, structures, and situations. In addition to his time working with business leaders, Goldstein also gives talks on this subject sharing his knowledge. As well as providing time to speaking engagements, Jeremy Goldstein writes papers on his experiences to further explain the laws on governance and compensation. He has been acknowledged as being an expert in his field by legal associations and other publications.


He has claimed to be no stranger to awkward moments in his life, but instead of taking these setbacks as outcomes, Goldstein used all of them as stepping-stones to a higher place. There is evidence of this in the way he treats his clients. Once Jeremy has established a relationship with someone, whether it is business or personal, he tends to keep them close by merely conferring with him or her from time to time. Jeremy Goldstein makes it an easy process instead of a burden. You may get a quick hello in the form of a voicemail or email message from him. It may be for no other purpose than just to check with you and see how your day is going. This type of personality is different in the corporate world but seems to mesh this law firm and their knowledge and style with many executive leaders.


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