Jeremy Goldstein to Host a Special Dinner to Support Fountain House

Jeremy Goldstein has a new plan for individuals dealing with mental conditions. The New York City attorney will be the host of a gala that will take place soon. According to the attorney, the charity event will support thousands of people. Many people have received invitations to attend the event, and most of them are ready. Every guest should visit the Nomad Hotel and settle down by six in the evening. Everyone will pay five thousand dollars to secure a meal and delicious wine for dinner. Fountain House will get the donations raised in the dinner event. Jeremy Goldstein has expressed his joy for being part of the charity event. The executive has shocked the global community for accepting to support a noble course while other New York City lawyers are busy in the legal industry.

The decision to venture into charity giving is not common among successful people in the United States. Jeremy Goldstein took the initiative when he discovered that more individuals were handling tough mental conditions. The lawyer noted that even with the increasing number of deaths among celebrities, there was little help given to the patients. The society does not give the right support to people with a mental health condition, and this forces them to remain mute about their challenges and struggles with the disease. The lawyer believes that with Fountain House, patients will realize that they are not struggling alone. With more people speaking about their mental health and getting professional help, Jeremy Goldstein believes that there will be few death reports in the global market. The story will change for millions of people who handle depression in silence.

Fountain House started its noble operations in the market decades ago. Few people with a mental health condition formed a group to give each other support when seeking treatment. The organization raised funds and constructed a building named Fountain House. With more donations, the foundation came up with employment options for individuals who battled various mental health conditions. One of the most crucial things about this institution is raising awareness about mental health in the global community. The society makes people believe that having mental health problems is a sign of being weak. With this kind of mentality, patients never speak up so that they do not face stigma. Fountain House has changed the story of many people who turned into drug and substance abuse so that they could manage their depression. The foundation has raised funds since its formation, and this explains why it has reached many patients in the world. With the donations from the wine dinner, Jeremy Goldstein is hopeful that the number of deaths associated with people with a mental health condition will decrease. Families will also live happier lives when their loved ones recover from this disease.


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