Madison Street Capital Appears Ready for Another Record Breaking Year

According to recent statistics, hedge fund assets are at an all-time high, even though 2015 offered only mediocre performance. It seems that institutional investors are allocating assets to hedge funds in an attempt to increase their overall performance. Madison Street Capital is an experienced international investment banking firm, located in Chicago, IL. They provide advice and services to public and private companies. They offer expert financial opinions, mergers and acquisition services and valuation services.

In 2015, Madison Capital closed 42 hedge fund deals. This is up from 32 transactions in 2014, over a 30 percent increase in business. This increase and other key issues should propel 2016 to another record year for Mergers and Acquisitions. Aside from traditional M&A’s other deals are being structured as seed or incubator deals. These are new to the industry. They include revenue share stakes, PE stakes and other features.

Madison Street Capital has focused its attention on partnering with mid-sized firms who need advice on expansion and raising funds. They help advise companies on the best way to raise needed working capital. They help companies with investment advice for their excess capital. Madison also helps many companies expand their businesses through Mergers and Acquisitions. They have developed a solid reputation in global financial markets with their expertise and knowledge.

The firm consists of experts from across the financial arena that bring their experience and knowledge as well as their industry relationships to the company. These people make Madison one of the top middle market investment banking firms in the country.

Madison Street Capital is heavily involved in philanthropic activities as well. They work closely with The United Way to help with disaster relief around the country. They belie e in providing excellent service to the organizations they serve and giving support to their community as well.

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