Malcolm Casselle Outlines How Blockchain Will Benefit From Gaming Sector

Malcolm Casselle is the CIO of OPskins which leads worldwide in the sale of virtual assets. The firm is also a leading bitcoin merchant. In the recent times, there has been an increase in micro-payments amongst users from various parts of the world and OPSkins hopes to capture the increased demand and market using its decentralized platform. Due to limitations and challenges as well as technological capabilities, the growth of the centralized market is limited and a decentralized market is easies path for progress.

The developers of OPSkins introduced Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX), which is blockchain platform where users can trade their virtual assets. The peer to peer platform for assets trading and is built on blockchain technology and smart contracts to enhance sellers as well as buyers to effectively trade their assets. WAX offers a solution to some of the problems which virtual markets experience. The challenges include fraud as well as fragmentation. The platform solves the problems with a straightforward blockchain widget and lets users sell or buy virtual assets instantly.

How WAX Unites the Scattered Virtual Market

The current virtual trading system experience challenges as they operate from different marketplaces especially as result of differences in payment processing, security, and issues on language. The concerns restrict virtual trading for use in own countries or certain regions. WAX Token comes in to eliminate the fragmentation in the market by creating a frictionless market which will allow the efficient sale or purchase of virtual assets by buyers as well as sellers. The platform utilizes blockchain technology which not only fraud-proof but also efficient. Users can tokenize the gaming assets and buy or sell the assets without frictions. The WAX platform also eliminates geographic fragmentation issues by allowing all users in different regions to use WAX Token as a common currency.

Additionally, WAX Tokens function as the store of value when acquiring game assets as well as a smart contract when a user is trading, buying, renting or even selling. WAX utilizes smart contracts to close transactions and solves the fraud issue through the elimination of intermediaries.

About Malcolm Casselle

Malcolm Casselle hopes WAX, a product of gaming industry, will expand cryptocurrency. Casselle acts as the president of the platform. Prior, he was CTO as well as president of Tronc. He also worked at SeaChange as SVP and GM in digital media.

Malcolm Casselle is a graduate of computer science with a bachelor from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and masters from Stanford University.


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