Mark Holyoake Journey into Entrepreneurship

The fitness industry has consistently evolved from being purely health and wellness to a critical sport. Most leagues have firmly supported the concept of fitness as a sport. Olympic is an excellent example of such associations. There have been the creation and development of programs aimed at supporting and training competitors in the sports industry. Unfortunately, most plans crush after a few years of operations. CrossFit is among the few programs that fought all odds and survived all the challenges. It has currently grown into a critical business. CrossFit admits gyms to use this name in training experts. These gyms are open and free to use their instructional programs. Every retired athlete dream is to establish and operate a CrossFit gym. Mark Holyoake is among the lucky ones that have achieved this dream.

Mark is a retired pro-gymnast with excellent skills and vast experience in sports. He employed his expertise and skills in creating a successful sports business. Mark Holyoake originated from New Zealand where he was born in 1983.

Mark interest in athlete started when he was young and excelled in gymnastics. As his friends were uncertain of their best sports, Mark ventured in gymnastics and honed his skills. Unlike his colleagues who were good in a few areas, Mark was perfect in all areas of gymnastics.

Mark Holyoake pursued Sport and Exercise Science at Auckland University, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. He then proceeded and joined the Auckland Regional Gym-sport Center and honed his skills. Mark played a part in many gymnastic events and activities and finally became an internationally recognized gymnast in New Zealand. He broke the of the most leg rotations while on a Pommel Horse in 60 seconds in 2010. He made 65 rotations, which was a great achievement that saw him in the Guinness World Record Book.

Mark Holyoake retired from sports and chose to venture in entrepreneurship. He had worked at Les Mills as a personal trainer, and with his education, he was ready for the task. Mark established The RX Clinic in partnership with Andy Rogers. Andy Rogers was a weightlifter while Mark was a gymnastics. The clinic has attracted much attention from many clients all across the world. Mark Holyoake is looking forward to expanding his business and teach them out of his first-hand experience.

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