Men Wearing Cosmetics: No Need To Explain

A man wearing make-up is gaining popularity and it is not just to improve their looks for a special occasion. Many men wear a number of products like tinted moisturizer, concealer and eyeliner (sometimes referred to as guy-liner) and lipstick.

Women are not alone in concealing facial skin imperfections. Men also are becoming concerned with their appearance and appreciate items like tinted moisturizer or foundation as it protects skin from the sun and pollutants but it also offers a nice color to the face. Lip balm or lip gloss also protects against extreme weather conditions and the harmful sun and just as women enjoy this protection, men are also realizing its benefits. But today men do not have to wear lipstick simply for shielding dangers but it is not unusual for men to wear color lipstick, usually close to their natural shade. For a night out on the town, hanging out with friends or clubbing, many men opt for extreme color. When this urge strikes, view some colors from Lime Crime’s selection of Carousel Gloss and check out shades like Hollygram (emerald with glitter) or Present (rich berry with magenta glitter). Lime Crime cosmetics work for both men and women and every item is made cruelty free and vegan.

When it comes to eye makeup, some men can even transform it into a fashion accessory, coordinating it with ties, handkerchiefs, shirts, hats or whatever. Since the 1970’s and 1980’s when singers David Bowie, Boy George and the band Kiss showed faces with lots of makeup, they seemed to influence men’s looks and state that it is okay for a man to wear makeup and today many men are returning to using eye makeup not only to have more confidence but to express themselves or make a statement.

For an amusing look (great for clubbing), try Lime Crime’s various shades of liquid eyeliner like its Quill or Orchidaceous but gently apply it with a light coat. Place Quill to draw a thin line under lower lashes and apply a bit of black mascara to lashes. If you have pale skin, try a shade like Reason (bluish-gray) or for a unique look to emphasize eyes try this eyeliner in Citreuse (a light neon-lime green).

Once you become comfortable you can experiment with different colors and definitely try them from Lime Crime developed by Doe Deere. Geared for individuals who wish to live their life without apologizing, business and technology executive Deere intended to establish a cosmetic line in 2008 (Lime Crime) that would allow individuals to express themselves and their own style. Beginning with less than one thousand dollars, she obtained success on her own positions. The company has gravitated towards success and the products (including Doe Deere) have accumulated an army of fans of every age.

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