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Sweetgreen is not your usual corner fast food outlet. In fact, it is a healthy salad chain store that is changing customer’s perception of how food service outlets should operate. The nutritious food, healthy proportions, reasonable prices, and smiling service makes Sweetgreen different from its competitors. In fact, this is one of the reasons why customers flock to its stores in large numbers. Often the store has a long line that seems similar to lines in an Apple store when a new model of iPhone is released.


After starting in Washington, in 2007, the brand has extended to New York and California. Already, the management is ready to introduce its outlets in Boston and Chicago. An open kitchen, fresh ingredients, and localities in chic neighborhoods is a welcome relief for city dwellers who like the idea of a round-the-clock meal that does not make you hungry after 45 minutes. The success of the company has allowed the brand to hire more than 1,700 employees across the United States. Apart from the food, its initiatives are spreading across music, philanthropy, and lifestyle space.


According to its founder, Nathaniel Ru, there are certain important factors that made Sweetgreen popular among its clients. Instead of opening a restaurant in the well-known spots such as Broadway, the management focused on trendy neighborhoods where people were willing to try the healthy food three times a day. It also meant that the demographics of visitors is not the average visitor to the New York City. Instead, its customers are locals who want to try something different away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.


Another important selling point is clean lines and personalized customer service. As soon as customers walk in a Sweetgreen store, they are greeted by the small of fresh and clean ingredients, which are on display in the open kitchen. As all the ingredients are freshly prepared and transported from the farms on a daily basis, it is important for the management to create awareness of freshness instead of telling customers about it.


Similarly, the personalized service is extended by a customer service representative who walks through the entire process on a one-on-one basis. Whereas it normally takes fifteen minutes for the customer to wait in line, the one-on-one service makes up for the wait time. As for the company, the friendly service means that they have to dedicate more man hours to satisfy the demand, but it is definitely worth it. Nathaniel Ru also explained that their company is eager to offer newer products. For example, the often use the leaves surrounding a broccoli crown that are otherwise wasted. By using less known but healthier alternatives, there is always something new for the customer.

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