Nina Vaca Stirs the Entrepreneurial Mindset Among Budding Entrepreneurs

Nina Vaca made a name for herself in the IT industry with the establishment of Pinnacle Group. Her efforts and ingenuity in running the firm have placed it at the top of the IT staffing market. The firm has bagged numerous accolades over the last couple of years, mostly from the Women President’s Organization. Nina has cemented her place in the corporate world and is keen on helping other Latina women to follow suit.

She gladly shares her experiences with budding entrepreneurs around the world. On one of her recent trips, Nina Vaca met a couple of Chilean entrepreneurs. The meeting was part of the U.S government’s efforts to strengthen ties with Chile, the country with the best entrepreneurial ecosystem in Latin America.

In her blog, she mentioned that such meetings go a long way in improving the lives of countless individuals. Her entrepreneurial Ecuadorian family helped her get to the top of the ladder, and she hopes to spur entrepreneurs from her homeland to similar success.

In 2014, she was appointed as an Ambassador of Global Entrepreneurship, a position that she took in stride. She believes that the efforts made during her international relations career are enough to empower different nations.

Nina Vaca also has opportunities to talk at different summits, including the recent Hispanic Scholarship Fund. In a separate blog, she spoke about the need to foster an entrepreneurial mindset among college students. Such a spirit is essential regardless of the students’ career paths. She desires to help young people harness an entrepreneurial mindset to guarantee success in their future endeavors.

Besides her speaking engagements, Nina Vaca also gives generously to different charity causes. The Nina Vaca Foundation has come to the aid of numerous families back in Ecuador.

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