OSI Group McDonalds Prove Meat Quality

As more people become conscious about their food’s quality, companies like OSI Group and McDonald’s have faced criticism. This all started in 2013 when a man named David Whipple claimed that he’d stored one of McDonald’s burgers in his kitchen cupboard for 14 years to see how it would age.

Purchased in 1999, Whipple claimed that the 14-year-old hamburger looked exactly the same as it did when he first purchased it. He posted some pictures online with his story, and the internet went crazy. At one point, McDonald’s said they sold 75 burgers a second. Since Whipple’s “experiment”, many food chains have come under fire for their foods’ quality.

In response to Whipple’s accusations, McDonald’s and OSI Group, the company that produces much of McDonald’s food, have offered numerous explanations. Firstly, there’s no evidence proving that Whipple really kept the same hamburger for 14 years. Secondly, he never went into detail about the conditions at which he kept said hamburger.

According to food science expert Keith Warriner, whether food spoils or rots has little to do with preservatives in particular conditions. For microbes that cause rot and spoilage to occur, they need water, nutrients, warmth, and time. Since Whipple still hasn’t told anyone about the conditions of his 14-year-old hamburger, there’s no definitive way to prove that OSI Group McDonalds uses preservatives.

Without any substantial evidence, OSI Group McDonalds decided to open its largest meat-processing factory in Germany to showcase their food’s quality. Representatives of Business Insider got to tour the Gunzburg, Germany factory, where over 5 million burgers are produced every day.

Upon entering the factory, the first thing representatives noted was the heavy smell of beef, a scent that would not be predominant in lower-quality factories. The purity of the beef is further proven by the representatives’ requirement to wear food bodysuits, to protect the beef.

The meat arrives every day and goes through numerous purification and safety checks before being transformed into OSI Group McDonalds frozen patties.

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