Paul Mampilly Business Predictions For 2019

Paul Mampilly has spent over two decades in the investment business over his professional career, and the Indian-native made the United States his home after attending college. Throughout this time, he’s held a variety of positions, such as money manager, senior research analyst, senior portfolio manager and a whole lot more. Because of this, Mr. Mampilly has seen quite a few trends come and go. With that in mind, he’s made a few predictions for what significant trends will affect the business world over the next few years. The most significant prediction that Paul Mampilly has is that big data will become more and more predictable.

While he’s noted that big data has been around for a while, he’s noted that it hasn’t been accessible for most businesses. However, this is becoming less and less of the case in recent years. As a result, Mr. Mampilly has noted that this means big data will become accessible for more businesses; as such, it will no longer be the domain of large marketing or IT companies. Paul Mampilly said that this can end up being beneficial for the majority of companies as it’s been known to have a significant effect for those who have already made use of it. He’s also noted that this will make companies more adaptable. However, Mr. Mampilly has noted that more and more businesses will have to become more adaptable for modern consumers anyway.

This is because the majority of start-ups and SMEs have shown a considerable amount of success with more personalized marketing techniques. With that in mind, many larger international businesses will become more adaptable and flexible in their approaches. According to Paul Mampilly, these could end up being a significant benefit for both businesses and customers. This is because he’s noted that companies will focus on cultivating interactions and relationships with consumers instead of marketing at them. With this, businesses should end up taking a more agile approach, especially when it comes to their marketing. Because of that, Paul Mampilly has noted that this may end up making them considerably more adaptable and flexible in the market.

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